Reality Check – Livin Da Thug Life (Da Album)


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1 Introlude 01:45
2 Don’t Be No Fool 04:28
3 Caught Creepin’ 04:36
4 Girlfriend 04:38
5 Betta Recognize 04:50
6 Play Da Game Right 04:13
7 Check Da Real 01:37
8 Feel So Good 05:02
9 Middle-lude 00:55
10 Livin Da Thug Life 05:13
11 That’s Rite – It’s All Good 02:50
12 Who’s Regulatin’ Now 04:44
13 Outrolude 01:01


Livin Da Thug Life (Da Album), an extremely rare release by Los Angeles-based rap group Reality Check, hit the shelves on September 23, 1997. The album was published under Rhone Records, showcasing the group’s prowess in the Thug Rap and G-Funk genres.

The 13-track album kicks off with an “Introlude,” setting the stage for the gritty and authentic tales of street life that the group is known for. With tracks such as “Don’t Be No Fool,” “Caught Creepin’,” and “Betta Recognize,” Reality Check delivers hard-hitting rhymes and beats that embody the essence of Thug Rap.

“Girlfriend” and “Feel So Good” offer a different flavor, showcasing the group’s versatility with smoother, more melodic tracks. “Play Da Game Right” and “Check Da Real” reinforce Reality Check’s commitment to keeping it real and staying true to their roots.

The album’s title track, “Livin Da Thug Life,” encapsulates the group’s experiences and serves as the project’s centerpiece. As the album progresses, tracks like “That’s Rite – It’s All Good” and “Who’s Regulatin’ Now” continue to captivate listeners with their raw storytelling and dynamic beats.

Closing with the “Outrolude,” Livin Da Thug Life (Da Album) leaves a lasting impression as a testament to Reality Check’s unique sound and authentic representation of the Thug Rap genre. This rare album is a must-have for fans of vintage hip-hop and collectors alike.



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