Real G’s – 4oe My Ni***az


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1 4oe My Ni…az (Colored Mix (4oe Da Hype)) 05:07
2 4oe My Ni…az (Nigaroe Mix (4oe Da Hood)) 06:29
3 That’s What She Thinks (Thought Ya “New” Mix (4 Da Hype)) 04:35
4 That’s What She Thinks (Thank Like Ya Know Mix (4 Da Hub)) 04:32


“4oe My Ni***az” is a maxi-single released by the rap group Real G’s from Claremont, California. Released in 1993 by P.I.R.A.T.E. Records, this four-track single showcases the group’s ability to fuse gangsta rap with G-Funk influences, creating a distinct sound that captures the essence of early ’90s West Coast hip-hop.

The maxi-single features two different mixes of the title track, “4oe My Ni***az.” The first, “Colored Mix, 4oe da Hype,” is a vibrant rendition that highlights the group’s energetic flow and catchy hooks. The second mix, “Nigaroe Mix, 4oe da Hood,” takes a grittier approach, providing a raw and unfiltered insight into the group’s street perspective.

The remaining two tracks are different mixes of “That’s What She Thinks.” The “Thought Ya ‘New’ Mix, 4 da Hype” delivers an upbeat tempo and showcases the group’s storytelling abilities, while the “Think Like Ya Know Mix, 4 da Hub” offers a deeper and more introspective look at the group’s experiences and thoughts.

“4oe My Ni***az” is a testament to Real G’s talent, offering a captivating blend of gangsta rap and G-Funk that will resonate with fans of early ’90s West Coast hip-hop. Despite its limited tracklist, the maxi-single highlights the group’s versatility, leaving listeners eager for more.



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