Raw Fusion – Hoochiefied Funk


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1 The New Jazz (Intro) 01:30
2 Hoochiefied Funk 04:00
3 Freaky Note 04:41
4 A Penny For Your Thoughts 05:06
5 I Got Flavour 03:19
6 Red Riding Good 03:36
7 Bumpin’ Em 05:07
8 Action Packed 05:13
9 Do Doo MC’s 03:57
10 Word For The Day 03:28
11 Do Your Homework 04:44
12 Dirty Drawls 04:01
13 Yo Daddy Yo 04:25
14 To Hell With It 05:01


“Hoochiefied Funk” is the second studio album by Oakland-based rap group Raw Fusion, comprised of Money B and DJ Fuze. Released on April 26, 1994, by Hollywood BASIC, this 14-track album showcases the duo’s unique sound, which deviates from the funky styles of their parent group, Digital Underground.

The album features tracks like “Hoochiefied Funk,” “Freaky Note,” “A Penny For Your Thoughts,” and “Action Packed.” These songs highlight Raw Fusion’s raw, hardcore style and their penchant for experimental sounds, moving away from the Funkadelic and Parliament influences found in Digital Underground’s work.

“Hoochiefied Funk” includes cameos from several Digital Underground members, including Shock G (appearing as himself, Humpty Hump, and the Piano Man) and 2Pac, adding a collaborative element to the project. The tracks on the album offer a more edgy feel, displaying Money-B and DJ Fuze’s versatility as artists.

Although Raw Fusion released only two albums before disbanding, their contributions to hip-hop remain influential, and “Hoochiefied Funk” serves as a testament to their innovative and daring approach to the genre.



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