Ralfy The Plug, Ketchy The Great & Good Finesse – Stinc Team


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1 The Right Decision 02:37
2 Ding Dong Ditch 03:11
3 Bag Talk 02:12
4 Fair Game 03:17
5 2 Much Pressure 02:21
6 The Stinc Team 02:43
7 Money Play 02:22
8 Copy Cats 02:55
9 Rats 02:58
10 Time Is Money 03:00
11 Trap 03:06
12 What You Thought This Was 03:28
13 Mud In My Hand 02:35
14 Foolies 02:40
15 Facts, Pt. 1 02:25
16 Mop Water 02:37
17 Hide N Go Seek 02:27
18 Get At Me 02:54
19 Facts, Pt. 2 03:10
20 Gang Gang 03:13


Stinc Team is a collaborative project by Los Angeles-based rappers Ralfy The Plug, Ketchy The Great, and Good Finesse. Released on January 22, 2018, the tape showcases the trio’s dynamic chemistry and talent as they navigate through various themes related to street life, money, and loyalty.

The 20-track tape starts strong with “The Right Decision,” setting the tone for the rest of the project. The following tracks, such as “Ding Dong Ditch” and “Bag Talk,” showcase the group’s skillful wordplay and ability to create catchy hooks. As the tape progresses, tracks like “Fair Game” and “2 Much Pressure” highlight the group’s versatility and unique sound.

In the tape’s title track, “The Stinc Team,” the rappers make it clear that they are a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop scene. “Money Play” and “Copy Cats” delve into themes of ambition and competition, while “Rats” and “Time Is Money” serve as reminders of the importance of loyalty and the value of time.

The tape continues to impress with tracks like “Trap,” “What You Thought This Was,” and “Mud In My Hand,” demonstrating the rappers’ storytelling prowess. As the project nears its end, tracks such as “Foolies,” “Facts, Pt. 1,” and “Mop Water” keep the energy high, leading up to the final tracks “Hide N Go Seek,” “Get At Me,” “Facts, Pt. 2,” and “Gang Gang.”

Stinc Team is a strong showcase of Ralfy The Plug, Ketchy The Great, and Good Finesse’s talents, making it an essential listen for fans of contemporary hip-hop.



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