Public Servants – Fresh Outta County

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1 Fresh Outta County (LP Mix) 04:32
2 Fresh Outta County (Instrumental) 04:31
3 Fresh Outta County (Vocal Remix) 04:19
4 Fresh Outta County (Remix Instrumental) 04:24


Fresh Outta County is the only release by Los Angeles-based rap group Public Servants, consisting of rappers Susta Cee and Ice Cold from South Central, Los Angeles. Released in 1992 by Bellmark Records and P Choice Records, this single captures the essence of early ’90s gangsta rap.

The cassette single features four versions of “Fresh Outta County.” The A-side of the tape presents the LP Mix and an instrumental version, both showcasing the group’s raw talent and ability to deliver hard-hitting lyrics. The B-side features a vocal remix and a remix instrumental, offering listeners a fresh take on the original track with an updated sound.

Although this single serves as the only release by Public Servants, it provides a snapshot of the early ’90s hip-hop scene in Los Angeles. Susta Cee and Ice Cold’s distinctive voices and authentic storytelling create a memorable listening experience for fans of classic gangsta rap.

As a rare gem in the world of hip-hop, Fresh Outta County by Public Servants is a testament to the talent and potential of the group, even though their discography is limited to this single release.

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