Potluck – Harvest Time


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1 Intro 01:41
2 Fight Night 03:16
3 Inhale/Exhale 03:48
4 Budget 03:57
5 Say What Ya Wanna 04:44
Featuring – Tech N9ne
6 Let Loose 03:22
7 Freedom 04:06
8 Stand Up 03:26
9 Real Phone Calls (Insert) 01:38
10 You Aint That Fine 04:03
Featuring – Bosko, E-40
11 Do It Now 03:23
12 Sports Junkie 04:30
Featuring – Equipto
13 Hip Hop 05:00
Featuring – Living Legends
14 Smokin On A Blunt 03:27
15 U Don’t Even Know Me 04:01
16 The Way It Goes 04:21
17 Live In Colorado (Insert) 01:49
18 Rap Life 03:31
Featuring – Cool Nutz
19 Lovin’ U 03:55
20 Just Like U 04:17
21 What Am I 02:43
22 First Kiss 03:59


“Harvest Time” is the second studio album by the rap group Potluck from Humboldt County, California. Released on September 21, 2004, by Lost Koast Productions and Sest Wide, this album showcases the duo’s talent for combining catchy hooks with thought-provoking lyrics. Comprising 22 tracks, “Harvest Time” features collaborations with well-known artists such as Tech N9ne, Bosko, E-40, Equipto, Living Legends, and Cool Nutz.

The album kicks off with “Intro,” setting the tone for the diverse array of songs that follow. From the energetic “Fight Night” and “Inhale/Exhale” to the introspective “Budget,” Potluck demonstrates their versatility as artists. The album’s standout track, “Say What Ya Wanna,” features a guest appearance from renowned rapper Tech N9ne, adding an extra layer of depth to the already impressive project.

Potluck continues to impress with tracks like “Let Loose” and “Freedom,” showcasing their skills as lyricists and performers. The album also features collaborations with Bosko and E-40 on “You Aint That Fine,” Equipto on “Sports Junkie,” and Living Legends on “Hip Hop.”

“Harvest Time” also includes songs that touch on more personal topics, such as “U Don’t Even Know Me” and “The Way It Goes.” The album wraps up with “What Am I” and “First Kiss,” leaving listeners with a lasting impression of Potluck’s unique sound and style.

Despite the group’s disbandment in February 2017, “Harvest Time” remains a testament to Potluck’s talent and their contribution to the hip-hop scene.



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