Pizzo – Heater Man


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1 Hearsay 00:40
2 On My Way 04:06
Featuring – Ton
3 So Don’t Sleep 03:36
4 Keep It In The Bay 04:06
Featuring – El Kaye, Lil’ Ric
5 Got Taped Up 00:24
6 On The Latenight 05:08
Featuring – Bizzy B, No Face Phantom
7 High Times 04:14
8 Everywhere I Go 03:49
9 O Why They Wanna Test Me 05:00
Featuring – D-Day
10 Doin’ You Like That 04:25
11 Groovin’ 00:32
12 Parlay 03:57
13 Me And My Dogs 03:56
Featuring – No Face Phantom
14 Steady Flowin’ 03:46
15 It Don’t Look Bright 03:14
Featuring – JT The Bigga Figga
16 Trials & Tribulations 05:21
Featuring – Mad Dog
17 No Free Cash 04:15


Heater Man, the highly anticipated debut studio album by Oakland, California-based rapper Pizzo, hit the shelves on November 14, 1995. The album was released under the Strong Island Records label, marking a significant moment in the West Coast hardcore underground scene. Heater Man is a powerful showcase of Pizzo’s talents as both a rapper and a producer.

This classic G-Funk and Gangsta Hip Hop album features 17 well-crafted tracks, blending smooth melodies with hard-hitting beats and gritty lyrics. Pizzo’s collaborations with various artists, such as Fat Kev, El Kaye, Lil’ Ric, No Face Phantom, and JT The Bigga Figga, add depth and diversity to the album’s overall sound. The album’s production was skillfully handled by a team comprising C.M.D., Pizzo, Rodney, and Sam Bostic. Tracks were recorded at the renowned K-Lou Studios, known for working with prominent West Coast artists, and mastered at Rocket Lab for optimal sound quality.

The album’s distinct West Coast sound and Pizzo’s lyrical prowess have contributed to his lasting impact on the hardcore underground scene. Notable tracks on the album include “On My Way,” which features vocals by Tammy and Ton From Eclipse, adding soulful harmonies to Pizzo’s rap verses. “Keep It In The Bay” sees Pizzo joining forces with El Kaye and Lil’ Ric, creating a catchy anthem that pays homage to their Bay Area roots. Another standout track, “Trials & Tribulations,” is a collaboration with Angie, Bizzy B, El Kaye, Ironic, Lil’ Ric, Mad Dog, and No Face Phantom, delivering a powerful message about overcoming struggles and adversity.

In addition to his own work, Pizzo’s production skills can be heard in his collaborations with other hardcore rappers such as Agerman, C-Bo, Lunasicc, and Marvaless. His numerous guest appearances on tracks by fellow artists have helped solidify his reputation as a formidable force in the West Coast Hip Hop community.

Heater Man is a testament to Pizzo’s skills as both a rapper and a producer, and it remains an influential piece of West Coast Hip Hop history. This debut album set the stage for Pizzo’s successful career, paving the way for his future projects, including Heater Calhoun (1999) and Pizzo (2000), which continued the arsonist motif and further cemented his status as a respected figure in the hardcore underground scene.



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