Passion – Baller’s Lady


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1 Keep It Real 03:25
2 Where I’m From 03:28
3 Gigolos Get Lonely Too (1996 Players Version) 05:25
4 Baller’s Lady 03:47
Featuring – E-40
5 Fonky Ride 04:54
Featuring – B-Legit
6 Who’s The Mack 01:21
7 Feel Me 04:47
8 B.I.T.C.H. 01:37
9 Gotta Be Da Bomb 03:23
Featuring – D.A.P.
10 Sho Luv Them Gangstas 04:13
11 Playa Hatas 03:49
Featuring – Tee
12 Can’t Be #1 03:33
13 Natural High 04:30
Featuring – D.A.P.
14 Bump Fo Ya Trunk 01:31
15 Don’t Fight The Remix 04:15
Featuring – Rappin’ 4-Tay, Soul Depot, Too Short


“Baller’s Lady” is the debut studio album by Oakland, California-based singer and rapper Passion. Released on August 27, 1996, by MCA Records, the album showcases Passion’s unique blend of hip hop, funk, soul, gangsta rap, and contemporary R&B styles. Born Passion Lavon Broussard on February 21, 1975, she was raised in Berkeley, California.

The 15-track album features diverse themes, from the realities of street life to love and relationships. Notable tracks include “Keep It Real,” “Where I’m From,” “Baller’s Lady,” and “Natural High.” Throughout the album, Passion’s vocal and lyrical talents shine as she weaves intricate stories with a captivating style.

“Baller’s Lady” is produced primarily by Kirv, who also contributes to the album as a writer and performer. The production features a rich and immersive sound, with standout collaborations such as “Baller’s Lady” featuring E-40, “Fonky Ride” featuring B-Legit, and “Don’t Fight The Remix” featuring Rappin’ 4-Tay, Soul Depot, and Too Short.

The album’s artwork and design, by Kenny J Gravillis, includes an 18-page booklet that folds out into a 3×3 page-size poster. The executive producer for the album is Kirv, with additional contributions from A&R Daddy-O, hair stylist Pluke, make-up artist Nzinga, and photographer Victor Hall.

“Baller’s Lady” is a testament to Passion’s undeniable talent as a singer, rapper, and lyricist. Her debut album serves as a solid foundation for her music career, paving the way for her future success in the industry.



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