Paperboy – City To City


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1 P’s Interlude 00:46
2 P’s Cure 04:31
3 Hundreds & Hundreds (In Money We Trust) 04:39
4 Swayz Groov 04:06
5 Villa Cullah Interlude 01:30
6 City To City 02:00
7 Call In Interlude 00:52
8 So Many Ways 03:19
9 Billion Dollar Bust Interlude 00:58
10 A Meet Up 04:50
Featuring – Me & My Cousin
11 Dry Snitch Interlude 01:21
12 Pockets Phat 05:16
13 Do You Wanna Flow 04:16
14 Nine Yards II 04:29
15 Propaganda 04:32
16 Luv Interlude 00:21
17 Can U Luv 04:40
18 East West Groove 04:11


City To City, the second studio album by Los Angeles-based rapper Paperboy, was released on August 20, 1996, under Next Plateau Entertainment. Following the success of his debut album, The Nine Yards, which featured the hit single “Ditty,” Paperboy continued to explore the G-Funk and gangsta rap styles that made him popular.

The 18-track album features an array of engaging songs, showcasing Paperboy’s versatility as an artist. Memorable tracks include “P’s Cure,” “Hundreds & Hundreds (In Money We Trust),” “Swayz Groov,” and “City To City.” The album also features a collaboration with Me & My Cousin on the track “A Meet Up.”

City To City boasts a diverse production team, with contributions from Money Miles, Rhythm D, Kerwin “Skooter” Williams, Joe Parsons, Joey Paschal, Divine, and Run. Paperboy himself co-produced several tracks, demonstrating his hands-on approach to crafting his music. The variety of producers contributes to the album’s dynamic sound and highlights Paperboy’s ability to adapt to different styles.

Though City To City did not achieve the same level of commercial success as The Nine Yards, it is a testament to Paperboy’s continued dedication to his craft and passion for creating authentic hip-hop music. For fans of Paperboy’s earlier work or those seeking an underrated gem from the 1990s hip-hop scene, City To City is a must-listen.



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