Otherwize! – C.U.N. Traffic


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1 Who’s Otherwize? 02:59
2 Goin’ 4 Broke’ 02:19
Featuring – Tony EQ
3 Rappaz R Replaceable 03:36
4 Sell By Cell (Accapella) 01:35
5 Nature Of The Negro 03:58
6 Wanna B N My Video 04:46
7 Thousand$ 03:42
8 Stella 05:04
9 C.U.N. Traffic 04:18
10 Stand By 04:02
11 Give It A Name 05:19
12 I Witness 02:39
13 How Can You Say… (Accapella) 00:52
14 Dog Me Out 04:12
15 More Than A Drip 03:37
16 Pearly Gates 17:57


C.U.N. Traffic, the debut studio album by Los Angeles-based rapper Otherwize!, was released on September 9, 2003, by 7th Avenue Music Group. As a prominent figure in the LA underground hip-hop scene, Otherwize! has earned a reputation for his exceptional freestyle battle skills and involvement in groups such as Blak Forest, Foot Soljaaz, and Hip Hop Kclan.

This 16-track album showcases Otherwize!’s unique talent and lyrical prowess, with standout tracks like “Who’s Otherwize?”, “Goin’ 4 Broke'”, “Nature Of The Negro,” and “C.U.N. Traffic.” The album features an eclectic mix of producers, including Squirrel, Tony EQ, DJ Obi, Lurch, Diabolic, Elusive, and Jizzm, who contribute to the diverse and dynamic sounds found throughout the record.

C.U.N. Traffic is a testament to Otherwize!’s dedication to the art of hip-hop and his ability to deliver thought-provoking and engaging content. The album’s production and lyrical content highlight his skills as a rapper and solidify his position as a formidable talent in the underground hip-hop scene.

For fans of underground hip-hop and those interested in discovering an underrated gem from the early 2000s, C.U.N. Traffic offers a fresh perspective and a glimpse into the career of a talented and ambitious artist who has made a significant impact on the LA hip-hop scene.



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