Opio & Unjust – Mark It Zero


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1 Dios Mio 01:09
2 What Happens 03:25
3 Yeah 02:46
4 Aggression Interlude 00:25
5 Aggression 02:57
6 Club Skit 01:27
7 C’mon 02:40
8 World Of Pain 01:12
9 Weed Man Skit 01:07
10 Far Out 02:13


“Mark It Zero” is a limited edition EP by Opio and Unjust, both from Oakland, California. Released in 2010 by HipHopSite.com Recordings, this Big Lebowski-themed EP showcases the artists’ hip hop talents with a unique twist. The EP features 17 tracks, including 7 instrumental versions of songs on the album, allowing fans to appreciate the production and beats behind the lyrics.

Opio Lindsey, a West-Coast-based rapper born in 1975, is best known as a member of Hieroglyphics and Souls of Mischief. Unjust, or Justin Herman, is part of the group Chosen Few. Souls of Mischief, a hip hop group from Oakland, is composed of rappers A-Plus, Opio, Phesto, and Tajai. Formed in 1991, the group is also part of the hip hop collective Hieroglyphics, along with emcees Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Casual, Pep Love, Jaybiz, and producer Domino.

“Mark It Zero” features tracks like “Dios Mio,” “What Happens,” “Yeah,” “Aggression Interlude,” “Aggression,” “Club Skit,” “C’mon,” “World Of Pain,” “Weed Man Skit,” and “Far Out.” The instrumental tracks included in the EP are “Dios Mio (Instrumental),” “What Happens (Instrumental),” “Yeah (Instrumental),” “Aggression (Instrumental),” “C’mon (Instrumental),” “World Of Pain (Instrumental),” and “Far Out (Instrumental).”

This limited edition release offers fans a chance to experience the unique collaboration between Opio and Unjust, blending their individual styles to create a memorable EP. “Mark It Zero” is a must-have for hip hop enthusiasts, particularly those familiar with Opio and Unjust’s contributions to the genre.



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