Nutt-So – The Betrayal

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1 The Betrayal 02:16
2 Another Day By The Pool 05:02
3 Bullets Over Bloc’s 04:50
4 Interrogation 05:24
5 Mobbin Thru The Town 04:29
Featuring – Todd Brown
6 Pool Party 03:41
Featuring – Jay-R (of YGB)
7 Midnite Is A Lonely Place 05:00
Featuring – Yolanda Stevens
8 Words To My First Born 04:58
Featuring – 2Pac
9 When Will Heaven Call 03:55
10 Murdered In Cold Blood 04:17
Featuring – Jet, Pound Of Street Thuggz
11 Recipe Of A Thug 04:34
Featuring – Mo-Savage Of Street Thuggz, Pound Of Street Thuggz
12 Keep Mobbin On 04:40
Featuring – Jay-R (of YGB)
13 Sho’Em We G’s 04:24


“The Betrayal” is the debut studio release by Oakland, California-based rapper Nutt-So, a.k.a Sean Cole. Released in 2000 under Nutty’s Playhouse label, this cassette album features a blend of Thug Rap and Gangsta styles, showcasing Nutt-So’s raw talent and unique perspective on the realities of life in East Oakland.

The album comprises two sides, “Side Amo” and “Side Bodybags,” with a total of 13 tracks. The lineup includes “The Betrayal,” “Another Day By The Pool,” “Bullets Over Bloc’s,” “Interrogation,” “Mobbin Thru The Town” (featuring Todd Brown), “Pool Party” (featuring Jay-R), “Midnite Is A Lonely Place” (featuring Yolanda Stevens), “Words To My First Born” (featuring 2Pac), “When Will Heaven Call” (featuring Keyshia Cole and Yvonne Cole), “Murdered In Cold Blood” (featuring Jet and Pound), “Recipe Of A Thug” (featuring Mo-Savage and Pound), “Keep Mobbin On” (featuring Jay-R), and “Sho’Em We G’s.”

Phonographic Copyright and Copyright for the album are held by Nutty’s Playhouse, with distribution by Pop-A-Large Distribution. The album’s design and layout were created by Phunky Phat Graph-X. Nutty Bandito served as the executive producer, and the album features production by Chucksta, DJ Quik, G-Man Stan, Khaliq R. Saddam, and Mack Lew.

As a tape-only release, “The Betrayal” is a collector’s item for fans of Nutt-So and the Oakland hip-hop scene. The album features several guest appearances, including Nutt-So’s sister and R&B star Keyshia Cole on “When Will Heaven Call.”

With its authentic portrayal of street life and powerful storytelling, “The Betrayal” serves as a strong foundation for Nutt-So’s career, marking the beginning of his journey as a prominent figure in the Oakland hip-hop community.

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