Nutt-So & Matt Blaque – Undarated


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1 Matt Blaque Pure 05:30
Featuring – Menace
2 Nutt-So Uh Oooo! 03:10
Featuring – DaeDae, Peoplz
3 Nutt-So, Matt Blaque Knight Rider 03:39
Featuring – Keak Da Sneak
4 Nutt-So, Matt Blaque Move Wit Me 03:51
5 Nutt-So, Matt Blaque Wut Cha See 03:52
6 Nutt-So, Matt Blaque Dirty Gurl 04:17
7 Nutt-So, Matt Blaque Lully Day 03:43
Featuring – B-Dubb
8 Nutt-So, Matt Blaque Get Freaky Wit It 03:57
9 Nutt-So, Matt Blaque Shattered Dreamz 04:55
10 Nutt-So, Matt Blaque Dranks On Me 03:26
11 Nutt-So, Matt Blaque I Get High 03:26


“Undarated” is a collaboration project between Nutt-So and Matt Blaque, two talented artists from Oakland, California. The album was released on October 6, 2010, by Nutty’s Playhouse Entertainment and Thugtertainment. Both artists are known for their contributions to the hip hop scene, with Nutt-So’s gritty gangsta rap style and Matt Blaque’s smooth vocals and production skills.

This 11-track album showcases the duo’s unique blend of Thug Rap, with a combination of hard-hitting beats and memorable hooks that make it a standout release. The tracks on “Undarated” include “Pure” (featuring Menace), “Uh Oooo!” (featuring Dae Dae and Peoplz), “Knight Rider,” “Move Wit Me,” “Wut Cha See,” “Dirty Gurl,” “Lully Day” (featuring B-Dubb), “Get Freaky Wit It,” “Shattered Dreamz,” “Dranks on Me,” and “I Get High.”

Nutt-So, whose real name is Sean Cole, is a gangsta rapper from East Oakland, California, and the brother of famous R&B singer Keyshia Cole. He is known for his raw and authentic style, which has earned him a dedicated fan base. Matt Blaque, an artist with multiple aliases such as Fatback, is part of the I-5 Connect group and has a reputation for his smooth vocals and impressive production skills.

Together, Nutt-So and Matt Blaque have created an album that appeals to fans of Thug Rap and hip hop in general. “Undarated” captures the essence of the Oakland hip hop scene while also showcasing the individual talents of both artists. The album is a testament to their creative synergy and offers a unique listening experience for fans of the genre.

If you’re a fan of Nutt-So, Matt Blaque, or Thug Rap, “Undarated” is an album you won’t want to miss. This collaboration project delivers a powerful punch of authentic Oakland hip hop that will leave you wanting more.



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