Nutt-So – Bad Santa


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1 Nutt-So Black Christmas 03:44
2 Nutt-So Frosty The Dopeman 04:07
Featuring – Destro, Slowe Burna
3 Nutt-So Silent Night 03:30
4 Nutt-So Westripping 02:33
5 Outlawz I’m A Thug 02:48
6 Nutt-So Connected 05:00
Featuring – B-Dub, Gama
7 Nutt-So Interlude 01:43
8 Nutt-So Wassup Wid It 02:49
9 Nutt-So Duck 101 03:22
10 Nutt-So Ride Wit It 04:07
11 Nutt-So Shake It Where It Stank 03:52
12 Nutt-So They’ll Never Take Me Alive 04:06


“Bad Santa” is a gritty and captivating mixtape by Oakland, California-based rapper Nutt-So, a.k.a Sean Cole. Self-released in 2004 under Nutty’s Playhouse and Conversion labels, this unofficial album features 17 tracks that showcase Nutt-So’s G-Funk and Gangsta rap styles, giving listeners an authentic taste of the Oakland hip-hop scene.

The mixtape’s tracklist features a mix of Christmas-themed titles and hard-hitting gangsta rap tracks. The lineup includes “Black Christmas,” “Frosty The Dopeman,” “Silent Night,” “West Tripping,” “I’m A Thug,” “Connected,” “Interlude,” “Wassup Wid It,” “Duck 101,” “Ride Wit It,” “Shake It Where It Stank,” “They’ll Never Take Me Alive,” “Don’t Fuck Wit Ours,” “Shattered Dreamz,” “Tha Same Flo,” “4 My People,” and “Raw Demo X-tended Mix.”

Nutt-So, born Sean Cole, is a gangsta rapper hailing from East Oakland, California, and is also the brother of celebrated R&B singer Keyshia Cole. With his unapologetic style and authentic storytelling, Nutt-So has built a dedicated fan base in the hip-hop scene.

“Bad Santa” is a testament to Nutt-So’s versatility and ability to blend various styles and themes in his music. This mixtape is a must-listen for fans of Nutt-So and Oakland’s hip-hop scene, as it demonstrates the talent and creativity of the artist while offering an edgy take on holiday-themed titles.

The mixtape was manufactured by Fred Benz Conversions, which adds an additional layer of underground appeal to the release, further solidifying Nutt-So’s status as a true representative of the Oakland hip-hop community.



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