Next 2 Kin – Ghetto Poetry


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1 This Town 05:49
2 My Nina 04:36
3 When My Lead Hit’em 04:17
4 Everyday Schedule 04:38
5 Choose Yo Weapon 04:41
6 Death Before Disaster 04:38
7 Fresh Out 05:00
8 My Knock 04:56
9 Mr. Piggy 04:54
10 Soldiers Story 06:12
11 Funky But It’s Fair 06:48
12 Revolution 07:04


“Ghetto Poetry” is the one and only studio album by the rap group Next 2 Kin from Oakland, California. Released in 1994 under the label 2BM Recordings, this album showcases the duo’s talent in creating gritty and authentic gangsta rap. With a total of 12 tracks, “Ghetto Poetry” takes listeners on a journey through the streets of East Oakland, as Big C (Chris Hall) and Zoe Da Roasta (Lorenzo B. Hall) share their experiences and observations.

The album begins with “This Town,” a track featuring the backing vocals of Karla B and Peebah, and produced by Joint Productions. This opening track sets the stage for the album’s raw and unapologetic storytelling. Following is “My Nina,” a song that delves into the realities of street life and its consequences, produced by Gino Blacknell.

“When My Lead Hit’em” comes in as the third track, with its powerful beat and lyrics produced by DJ Daryll. “Everyday Schedule” follows, another production by Joint Productions that captures the day-to-day life in Oakland’s streets. “Choose Yo Weapon,” the fifth track, highlights the importance of making choices in a harsh environment and is produced by Gino Blacknell.

“Death Before Disaster” is another track that deals with the harsh realities of street life, followed by “Fresh Out,” which is about life after incarceration. Both tracks are produced by Gino Blacknell and Joint Productions, respectively. “My Knock” is an intense and engaging track, while “Mr. Piggy” explores the relationship between the streets and law enforcement.

“Soldier’s Story” is a captivating narrative that pays homage to those who have fallen in the struggle. “Funky But It’s Fair” features backing vocals by J. Calhoun and Peebah, adding a unique touch to the album. The closing track, “Revolution,” is a powerful call for change and is produced by Joint Productions.

“Ghetto Poetry” is an album that represents the heart and soul of Oakland’s hip-hop scene. With its raw lyrics and powerful beats, it’s an essential listen for fans of true gangsta rap.



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