N.O.T.S. – True Blue


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1 Intro (What Up Cuzzz!) 03:38
2 Nigga’s Off The Street 06:08
3 True Blue 05:36
4 2 Much Nigga 05:16
5 E.C. Locsta 06:24
6 Hell Up In Harlem 05:52
7 Front & Bacc 04:18
8 Sicc Shit 04:19


True Blue is the debut studio album by Los Angeles-based rap group N.O.T.S., released on February 18, 1992, through Ain’t Jokin Records. Featuring a blend of gangsta rap and G-Funk styles, the album showcases the group’s storytelling abilities and West Coast roots.

The album kicks off with the powerful “Intro (What Up Cuzzz!),” featuring vocals by Keke Loco. “Nigga’s Off The Street,” the second track, brings together Greedy G, Keke Loco, and Squee Bas to create a hard-hitting, memorable track. The title track, “True Blue,” features an ensemble of voices, including Gangsta Jay, Greedy G, Keke Loco, Loonatic69, Snoop69, and Squee Bas, emphasizing the group’s strong collaborative spirit.

“2 Much Nigga” features Keke Loco, Loonatic69, and Squee Bas, further exploring themes of street life and survival. “E.C. Locsta” sees Duce Loe and Squee Bas joining forces for a powerful performance. “Hell Up In Harlem” is a standout solo track by Keke Loco, showcasing his lyrical prowess and ability to captivate listeners.

The album concludes with “Front & Bacc” and “Sicc Shit,” featuring Greedy G and Keke Loco, rounding out the project with hard-hitting beats and powerful lyrics that stay true to the group’s gangsta rap and G-Funk roots.

With True Blue, N.O.T.S. delivers an unapologetic and authentic portrayal of life in the streets of Los Angeles. The album’s unique blend of gangsta rap and G-Funk elements, combined with its raw lyrics and unforgettable performances, marks the beginning of the group’s influential presence in the West Coast rap scene.



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