Mr. Short Khop – Da Khop Shop


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1 Intro – Skit 01:58
2 Braveheart 02:40
3 Short Khop & The Brain 03:45
Featuring – Ice Cube
4 Baby Mama (Message #1) – Skit 00:19
5 Kingpin And Da Kockhound (Pass The Pu**y) 04:44
Featuring – Kurupt
6 One Way To Win 04:29
Featuring – Ice Cube
7 Dey Trippin’ 04:01
Featuring – Problem Chyld, WC
8 Baby Mama (Message #2) – Skit 00:23
9 Ya Baby Daddy 05:06
10 Dollaz, Drank & Dank 04:33
Featuring – Kokane
11 2 Of ‘Em And The Door Locked – Skit 01:42
12 Flashbacks 04:15
Featuring – Ice Cube
13 Da Ready Rock 04:32
14 M.V.P.’s 03:46
Featuring – Shaquille O’Neal
15 Es Mi Casa 05:18
Featuring – Kokane
16 My Loved One (Remix) 03:41
Featuring – Ice Cube


Da Khop Shop is the only studio album by Los Angeles rapper Mr. Short Khop, released on March 20, 2001, through TVT Records and Heavyweight Records. The album is a 16-track journey through West Coast hip-hop, featuring some of the biggest names in the industry, including Ice Cube, Kurupt, Problem Chyld, WC, Kokane, and Shaquille O’Neal.

The album kicks off with an intro skit, followed by the hard-hitting “Braveheart,” produced by Twin. Mr. Short Khop’s distinct flow is evident throughout the album, as he seamlessly collaborates with the featured artists on tracks like “Short Khop & The Brain” with Ice Cube, “Kingpin And Da Kockhound (Pass The Pu**y)” with Kurupt, and “Dey Trippin'” with Problem Chyld and WC.

Notable tracks include “Dollaz, Drank & Dank,” featuring Kokane, and the unique collaboration “M.V.P.’s” with basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal. The album also features a remix of “My Loved One,” showcasing Mr. Short Khop’s versatility as an artist.

Executive produced by Terry Carter, Da Khop Shop showcases the best of gangsta-style hip-hop from the early 2000s. With its impressive lineup of collaborators, hard-hitting beats, and memorable hooks, Mr. Short Khop’s debut album stands as a testament to his talent and the strength of West Coast hip-hop.



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