Mr. Iroc & The Product Click – The Release


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1 Intro 00:57
Featuring – Big Cedo
2 A Better Life 03:57
Featuring – Big Dame, Bugulow, Deon, Swin Tha Hardcore
3 I Want To Know 00:51
Featuring – Deon
4 Hoes Come Going 03:53
Featuring – Lakiva Robinson, Mike Millions
5 Merely A Man 05:24
Featuring – Mancino
6 Hey Now 04:03
Featuring – Big Dame, Sabataj
7 So Many Ways 04:10
Featuring – Big Dame, Lakiva Robinson, Swin Tha Hardcore
8 All That Gliter 04:17
Featuring – Big Dame, Problems
9 Represented 03:47
Featuring – Big Dame, Bookie, OG Tec 9, Preacha
10 Hard Times 03:22
Featuring – Preacha
11 Big Nutz 04:01
12 Finally Made It 05:05
Featuring – Big Dame, Deon, Malaka, Young Jay
13 Interlude 00:29
Featuring – Big Cedo
14 Don’t Funk With Us 03:44
Featuring – Big Dame, Price Capone, Swin Tha Hardcore
15 Bom Bomb 04:48
Featuring – Big Dame, Mark Mello
16 Money And Murder 03:38
Featuring – Big Dame, Price Capone, Swin Tha Hardcore
17 Flatline 05:28
Featuring – Big Dame, Sabataj, Swin Tha Hardcore


“The Release” is a captivating studio album by rap group Mr. Iroc & The Product Click, emerging from Phoenix, Arizona. Released on August 15, 2000, under the Iroc Records label, the album features an eclectic mix of gangsta rap and G-funk styles, showcasing the group’s versatility and lyrical prowess.

The 17-track album kicks off with an “Intro” featuring Big Cedo, setting the stage for the powerful and diverse tracks that follow. “A Better Life” delivers a strong message of hope and aspiration, while “I Want To Know” features Deon’s smooth voice, creating an engaging listening experience.

“Hoes Come Going” and “Merely A Man” further demonstrate the group’s ability to tackle various themes, from relationships to introspection. “Hey Now” and “So Many Ways” offer catchy hooks and compelling beats that will have listeners nodding their heads to the rhythm.

The album continues with “All That Glitter,” a track reflecting on the superficial aspects of life, and “Represented,” which showcases the group’s allegiance to their roots. “Hard Time” and “Big Nutz” delve into the challenges of life in the streets, while “Finally Made It” celebrates the group’s achievements and success.

Closing out the album are tracks like “Don’t Funk With Us,” “Bom Bomb,” “Money And Murder,” and “Flatline,” each showcasing the group’s unique style and powerful storytelling abilities. These tracks serve as a testament to Mr. Iroc & The Product Click’s talent and their dedication to creating impactful music.

“The Release” is a compelling album that offers fans a unique blend of gangsta rap and G-funk, capturing the essence of the Phoenix rap scene in the early 2000s.


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