Mr. ILL – The Rebirth


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1 Intro 01:12
2 What It Is 03:16
Featuring – Stacy Hogg
3 Chester Reflections 03:50
4 Let It Go 03:56
Featuring – FM Blue
5 They Ain’t Won Yet 04:32
Featuring – Ant Diddley Dog
6 Skit 01:20
7 They Claim They Got G.A.T.S. 03:56
8 Criminology #101 04:31
9 Rhyme Or Crime 03:52
Featuring – Rappin’ Ron & Ant Diddley Dog
10 Primetime 03:56
Featuring – Stacy Hogg
11 Can U Swing It 03:54
Featuring – Devon
12 Unfinished Business 03:52
13 Them Feelings 04:29
Featuring – Devon
14 Skit 00:54
15 Vicious 04:25
Featuring – Rappin’ Ron
16 Wishin I Could Be Like Dat 02:59
17 Extermination 03:40
18 The Rebirth 04:04
19 Whirl Winds 04:13
20 Outro 00:35


“The Rebirth” is the only studio album by Oakland, California-based rapper Mr. ILL. Released on September 24, 1996, by Cell Block Records and Priority Records, the album is a powerful blend of gangsta and G-funk styles, showcasing Mr. ILL’s lyrical prowess and undeniable talent. With 20 tracks, “The Rebirth” is a captivating journey through the West Coast hip-hop scene of the 1990s.

The album opens with an “Intro” track, setting the tone for the hard-hitting beats and raw lyricism that follow. “What It Is,” featuring Stacy Hogg, is a 3:15 track that demonstrates Mr. ILL’s ability to combine catchy hooks with thought-provoking verses. “Chester Reflections” and “Let It Go,” featuring FM Blue, further highlight the rapper’s storytelling capabilities and his skill in delivering memorable lines.

“They Ain’t Won Yet,” featuring Ant Diddley Dog, and “Skit” set the stage for “They Claim They Got G.A.T.S.,” a track backed by Rappin’ Ron and produced by Sonny. “Crimology #101,” produced by G. Reed, is another standout track that showcases Mr. ILL’s impressive flow and clever wordplay.

“Rhyme or Crime,” featuring Rappin’ Ron & Ant Diddley Dog, “Primetime,” featuring Stacy Hogg, and “Can U Swing It,” featuring Devon, continue to display Mr. ILL’s versatility as an artist, while tracks like “Unfinished Business,” “Them Feelings,” featuring Devon, and “Vicious,” featuring Rappin’ Ron, further establish his unique style and sound.

The album concludes with “Wishin I Could Be Like Dat,” “Extermination,” produced by Davey D, “The Rebirth,” produced by B. Branch, “Whirl Winds,” and “Outro.” As a whole, “The Rebirth” offers listeners an engaging and authentic representation of 1990s West Coast hip-hop, making it a must-listen for fans of the genre.



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