Mr. Criminal – Mr. Criminal Presents Hood Affiliated 3


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1 RollCall 02:09
Featuring – Hi Power Soldiers
2 Im A Rider 02:58
Featuring – Mr. Silent
3 Westside Story 02:56
4 Step Up 03:58
Featuring – Script Loc
5 Gang Related 03:38
Featuring – Big Lazy, Big Sanch, Lil Lazy
6 Blue Rags Up 04:03
Featuring – Rascal
7 Im A Hustler 04:20
Featuring – G
8 Southside 03:57
Featuring – Mr. Silent
9 Why They Hatin On Me 04:07
Featuring – G Town Clique
10 My Time 04:02
Featuring – C Boy
11 East Los Most Hated 03:39
12 Whats A Perro Like Me Gonna Do 03:38
13 Chasin The Grave 03:48
14 Street Life 04:34
Featuring – G Town Clique
15 G Shit 03:16
Featuring – Elite 1
16 G Town Riders 03:28
Featuring – G Town Clique


Mr. Criminal Presents Hood Affiliated 3 is a compilation album by the talented Los Angeles rapper, Mr. Criminal. Released on October 5, 2010, by Hi Power Entertainment, this compilation features a diverse lineup of artists, including Hi Power Soldiers, Mr. Silent, Script Loc, Big Lazy, Big Sanch, Lil Lazy, Rascal, G, G Town Clique, C Boy, and Elite 1. The album showcases the best of hip-hop, Latin, and funk/soul genres, with a strong gangsta and funk style throughout.

The album kicks off with “RollCall,” featuring Hi Power Soldiers, setting the tone for the rest of the compilation. The tracks offer a mix of West Coast gangsta rap vibes, such as “Im A Rider” with Mr. Silent, “Gang Related” featuring Big Lazy, Big Sanch, and Lil Lazy, and “Blue Rags Up” with Rascal. Mr. Criminal’s flow and lyrical prowess are evident across the entire album, demonstrating his versatility and ability to collaborate with various artists.

Notable tracks include “Southside,” a collaboration with Mr. Silent, “Why They Hatin On Me” featuring G Town Clique, and “G Shit” with Elite 1. The compilation also highlights Mr. Criminal’s Latin roots with “East Los Most Hated” and “Whats A Perro Like Me Gonna Do.”

Hood Affiliated 3 is a testament to Mr. Criminal’s talent and his ability to bring together a diverse group of artists under the Hi Power Entertainment label. The album is a must-listen for fans of West Coast hip-hop, Latin, and funk/soul genres.



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