Mr. Capone-E – The Works


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1 The Works 03:44
2 The Works (Instrumental) 04:15
3 Don’t Be Talking Loud 04:15
Featuring – Mr. Criminal
4 Hood Affiliated Roll Call 04:49
Featuring – Gfunk, Mr. Criminal, Hi-Power Soilders
5 Taking Over 04:05
Featuring – Gfunk, Djak
6 Taking Over (Instrumental) 04:11
7 Taking Over (In The Works) 04:12


The Works is a powerful EP by Los Angeles-based rapper Mr. Capone-E, released on July 17, 2016, under LayLow Inc. This project showcases Mr. Capone-E’s unique blend of West Coast hip-hop and Chicano rap with a strong focus on lyrical content and captivating beats. The EP features collaborations with Mr. Criminal, Gfunk, Djak, and Hi-Power Soldiers.

Comprising seven tracks, The Works opens with the eponymous song, setting the stage for the EP’s high-energy and street-savvy tone. The instrumental version of “The Works” follows, giving fans a chance to appreciate the compelling beats that underscore the project.

Mr. Criminal makes an appearance on “Don’t Be Talking Loud,” adding his signature style to the track. The fourth song, “Hood Affiliated Roll Call,” brings together Gfunk, Mr. Criminal, and Hi-Power Soldiers for a powerhouse collaboration that demonstrates the strength and unity of the West Coast rap scene.

The EP continues with “Taking Over,” featuring Gfunk and Djak, offering a relentless and confident anthem. An instrumental version of “Taking Over” follows, allowing listeners to soak in the track’s infectious rhythm. The EP concludes with “Taking Over (In The Works),” providing an alternate take on the popular track and leaving fans wanting more.

The Works EP highlights Mr. Capone-E’s undeniable talent and passion for creating hard-hitting, authentic West Coast hip-hop. It’s an essential listen for fans of Chicano rap and those looking to explore the best of the genre.



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