Mr. Capone-E & The Southsiders – Mr. Capone-E


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1 L.A. County Inmate 02:32
2 Southside Thank [G-Thang Remix] 04:06
Featuring – ODM
3 Dippen 04:46
4 Outlaws 04:27
5 4-Da Homies 03:55
6 Love Don’t Live Here (Interlude) 01:03
7 What’s My Name 03:49
8 Bitch Cum Down 03:17
Featuring – Southsiders
9 Players (Interlude) 02:29
10 Just A Groupy 05:35
Featuring – Southsiders
11 ChillenN Da Park 03:46
Featuring – K.O.
12 Keep Em’ Running 04:26
Featuring – Southsiders
13 The Academy 04:10
Featuring – Southside Academy
14 Haters 03:50
Featuring – Short
15 Stuck 4 Life 04:02
Featuring – Frank V., Snapper
16 Outro 02:07


Mr. Capone-E, the self-titled debut album by the Los Angeles-based rapper, was released on October 24, 2000, under Hi Power Entertainment. The album showcases Mr. Capone-E’s raw talent, featuring a blend of gangsta, thug rap, and G-funk styles. Throughout the project, Mr. Capone-E collaborates with a variety of artists, including ODM, Southsiders, K.O., Southside Academy, Short, Frank V., and Snapper, giving the album a rich and diverse sound.

The album begins with “L.A. County Inmate,” setting the stage for the gritty, streetwise tales that follow. “Southside Thang [G-Thang Remix]” features ODM, adding a touch of G-funk to the project. Tracks like “Dippen” and “Outlaws” highlight the rapper’s ability to create memorable hooks and intricate wordplay.

“4-Da Homies” and “Love Don’t Live Here (Interlude)” showcase Mr. Capone-E’s introspective side, reflecting on life and relationships within the urban landscape. “What’s My Name” and “Bitch Cum Down” (featuring Southsiders) continue to display his storytelling prowess, while “Players (Interlude)” offers a brief, lighthearted moment.

The album moves forward with “Just A Groupy” (featuring Southsiders), “ChillenN Da Park” (featuring K.O.), and “Keep Em’ Running” (featuring Southsiders), showcasing Mr. Capone-E’s versatility as he navigates various aspects of street life. “The Academy” (featuring Southside Academy) and “Haters” (featuring Short) deliver hard-hitting verses and relatable themes.

“Stuck 4 Life” (featuring Frank V. and Snapper) serves as a powerful testament to Mr. Capone-E’s perseverance and dedication to his craft. The album concludes with “Outro,” a fitting end to a debut that solidified Mr. Capone-E’s presence in the hip-hop scene.



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