Mr. AMC & Lil C – Breakadawn


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1 Breakadawn 03:51
2 Talkin’ Shit 05:10
Featuring – Goldenchild, Hittaz On Tha Payroll
3 Breakadawn (Instrumental) 03:51
4 Talkin’ Shit (Instrumental) 05:08
Featuring – Goldenchild, Hittaz On Tha Payroll


“Breakadawn” is an extremely rare single from the rap duo Mr. AMC & Lil C, hailing from Long Beach, California, and Tucson, Arizona. Released in 1998, this single features a distinct blend of gangsta rap and G-Funk styles that were prominent during that time. With additional contributions from Goldenchild and Hittaz On Tha Payroll, this single showcases the talents of the featured artists and the distinct West Coast sound.

The single consists of two main tracks, “Breakadawn” and “Talkin’ Shit,” along with their respective instrumental versions. Produced by DJ Hook Me Mike D, the tracks offer an immersive listening experience that highlights the lyrical prowess of Mr. AMC & Lil C.

“Breakadawn” serves as the titular track and sets the tone for the single with its smooth G-Funk beats and catchy hooks. The rappers showcase their storytelling abilities and flow, taking the listener on a journey through their experiences.

“Talkin’ Shit” features guest appearances from Goldenchild and Hittaz On Tha Payroll, adding extra layers of depth and personality to the track. With its assertive lyrics and strong beats, this song is a testament to the swagger and confidence of the artists involved.

The single also includes instrumental versions of both tracks, allowing listeners to appreciate the production prowess of DJ Hook Me Mike D and the intricacies of the beats without the vocals.

Overall, “Breakadawn” is a rare gem that captures the essence of late ’90s West Coast rap and offers a tantalizing glimpse into the talents of Mr. AMC & Lil C, as well as their collaborators.



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