Mista Lanse – Lyrical Blues


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1 Walk With Me 01:21
2 Days Of Thunder 04:57
3 Drunken Nights / High Days 03:55
4 C-arson 03:46
5 Like Me 03:58
6 Curious 04:01
7 Open Letter 01:27
8 Rebel With Out A Cause 04:34
9 Baloxi Blues 04:17
10 Party In Ya Mouth 04:38


“Lyrical Blues” is the one and only studio album by rapper Mista Lanse, who hails from Carson, California. The album was released in 1998 under Big L.A. Records, featuring a distinct Gangsta hip-hop style that was popular during the late ’90s.

The 10-track album takes listeners on a journey through Mista Lanse’s experiences and reflections on life. From the introspective opening track “Walk With Me” to the lively “Party In Ya Mouth,” Mista Lanse demonstrates his versatility as a rapper and lyricist.

Other standout tracks on the album include “Days of Thunder,” “Drunken Nights/High Days,” and “Rebel Without A Cause,” which showcase Mista Lanse’s storytelling ability and his unique approach to delivering powerful lyrics over catchy beats.

“Lyrical Blues” also features tracks like “C-arson” and “Baloxi Blues” that pay homage to Mista Lanse’s roots in Carson, California, and allow him to share his perspective on the city’s culture and environment. The album’s executive producers, Mr. Arthur Page and Mr. L.V. Williams, have done an excellent job in creating a cohesive project that highlights Mista Lanse’s talents.

While “Lyrical Blues” remains Mista Lanse’s only studio album, it serves as a testament to his skills as a rapper and his contribution to the late ’90s hip-hop scene. The album captures the essence of Gangsta hip-hop, with its raw storytelling and gritty beats, making it an engaging listen for fans of the genre.

For those who appreciate the sound and style of late ’90s hip-hop, “Lyrical Blues” is a must-listen. The album showcases Mista Lanse’s ability to create memorable music and his unique voice in the hip-hop landscape, making it a valuable addition to any fan’s collection.



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