Mista Humble – Humbleizm


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1 Buffneck Lyrics 04:20
2 Raggamuffin Funk 06:28
3 Hi-Tymez (Interlude) 01:06
4 In Tha West 06:24
5 Boss Emcee/Dejay 04:46
6 Kickin’Up Dust (Humbleizm) 04:14
7 Pressure 03:13
8 Progressive 05:03
9 Sumthin 4 Tha Head 04:45
10 Lyrical Stylez! 01:58
11 Oh Hunny, My Baby 05:08
12 Humble Pie 05:04
13 In Tha West (Remix) 05:21


“Humbleizm” is the one and only studio album by Mista Humble, a talented rapper hailing from Lynwood, California. Released on May 3, 1996, by Ruckus Records, this album showcases Mista Humble’s unique blend of Ragga Hip Hop and West Coast flair. Featuring 13 tracks, the album takes listeners on a journey through Mista Humble’s lyrical prowess and captivating beats.

The album kicks off with “Buffneck Lyrics,” setting the stage for the musical experience that is about to unfold. Mista Humble continues to impress with “Raggamuffin Funk,” a track that blends reggae influences with hip-hop sensibilities. The “Hi-Tymez (Interlude)” provides a brief moment of respite before diving back into the energetic “In Tha West,” a track that pays homage to the rapper’s West Coast roots.

“Humbleizm” showcases Mista Humble’s versatility as an artist with tracks like “Boss Emcee/Dejay,” “Kickin’ Up Dust (Humbleizm),” and “Pressure,” each providing a distinct sound and style. “Progressive” and “Sumthin 4 Tha Head” continue to demonstrate Mista Humble’s ability to blend various musical influences into his work, while “Lyrical Stylez!” offers a short yet powerful display of his rapping skills.

“Oh Hunny, My Baby” adds a touch of romance to the album, while “Humble Pie” serves as a reminder of Mista Humble’s grounded nature. The album concludes with “In Tha West (Remix),” a reimagined version of the earlier track that brings the album full circle.

Engineered and mixed by Krazy Nate, with executive production by Robert “Black,” “Humbleizm” stands as a testament to Mista Humble’s talent and creativity. The album, produced and arranged by Krazy Nate and Mista Humble, is a hidden gem in the world of hip-hop, waiting to be discovered by fans of the genre.



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