Milli Madik – Abusive Concepts


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1 Doing Bad 03:36
Featuring – Da Real C.Y
2 Blame Game 03:00
3 Pro’s 02:38
Featuring – Da Real C.Y
4 Come Down 03:58
Featuring – Yung Dedicated
5 Trap Queen 03:10
Featuring – Da Real C.Y
6 Too Much 03:26
Featuring – Monk
7 Ventilation 04:14
Featuring – Da Real Cy
8 Yay Yay 01:47
9 Feelin Dat 03:19
Featuring – Cash Dniro
10 Made A Way 03:10
11 Vengeance 04:15
Featuring – Da Real C.Y
12 Cut Um Off 03:04
Featuring – Q. States


“Abusive Concepts” is a captivating mixtape by Oakland, California rapper Milli Madik, released on May 8, 2017, by Lamp Lyfe Records. This project consists of 12 tracks that showcase Milli Madik’s signature style and lyrical prowess, with a variety of featured artists adding depth and variety to the mixtape.

The mixtape begins with “Doing Bad,” featuring Da Real C.Y., a track that delves into the struggles of life and the choices made to overcome them. “Blame Game” is a relatable song, touching on the topic of placing responsibility on others instead of owning up to one’s actions.

“Pro’s,” also featuring Da Real C.Y., highlights the benefits and advantages of hustling in the rap game, followed by “Come Down,” which features Yung Dedicated and offers a more introspective look at life’s ups and downs.

“Trap Queen,” featuring Da Real C.Y., showcases Milli Madik’s ability to create a catchy and memorable hook, while “Too Much,” featuring Monk, explores the concept of excess in various aspects of life. “Ventilation,” with Da Real Cy, provides a space for the artist to let out his thoughts and emotions through his music.

“Yay Yay” is a high-energy track that keeps listeners engaged, leading into “Feelin Dat,” which features Cash Dniro and offers a smooth, laid-back vibe. “Made A Way” is an inspirational song, emphasizing perseverance and determination to succeed despite obstacles.

“Vengeance,” featuring Da Real C.Y., is a powerful track that showcases Milli Madik’s raw emotion and intense flow. The mixtape concludes with “Cut Um Off,” featuring Q. States, a track that addresses the need to let go of toxic relationships and negative influences.

“Abusive Concepts” is a compelling project by Milli Madik, demonstrating his versatility as an artist and his ability to create a cohesive and engaging body of work.



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