Milkman – Reminisce


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1 Reminisce 05:32
Featuring – Da Goonz
2 Judge Del 01:27
3 It’s On 06:17
Featuring – Da Goonz
4 Caught Up 05:03
5 Ballah Shotcallah 04:29
Featuring – Da Goonz
6 Young Niggah’s Slippin’ 03:52
Featuring – The Young Niggahs
7 Dirty Love 05:32
Featuring – Da Goonz


“Reminisce” is the one and only release by Oakland, California rapper Milkman. Released on June 11, 1996, under Major Musik, this EP offers a glimpse into the West Coast hip-hop scene of the mid-90s. With the classic Gangsta style, Milkman delivers an authentic and hard-hitting listening experience.

This seven-track EP kicks off with the titular song “Reminisce,” featuring Da Goonz, which showcases Milkman’s storytelling abilities and the backing vocals of Kaleiah Ubaka and Monique Allen. The second track, “Judge Del,” is a 1:27 skit that takes a jab at fellow rapper Master P.

“It’s On,” featuring Da Goonz, is a powerful diss track aimed at Master P, demonstrating Milkman’s fierce flow and lyrical prowess. The fourth track, “Caught Up,” features the vocals of Walter Phillips and tells a story of getting entangled in a life of crime.

“Ballah Shotcallah” sees Milkman and Da Goonz joining forces again for a song that encapsulates the hustler’s lifestyle. In “Young Niggah’s Slippin’,” Milkman features The Young Niggahs, touching on the struggles and pitfalls faced by young people in the streets.

The EP concludes with “Dirty Love,” another collaboration with Da Goonz, and features a female voice credited as “Some Hoe,” adding a sultry touch to the track. Throughout “Reminisce,” Milkman showcases his ability to create captivating narratives and vivid imagery, backed by classic West Coast beats.

As a former member of Tru (The Real Untouchables), Milkman brings a strong sense of authenticity to his solo project. “Reminisce” is a testament to the rapper’s talent and offers fans a nostalgic trip to the golden era of West Coast hip-hop.



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