Mike Mosley – Platinum Plaques


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1 Day In The Life 04:03
Featuring – C-Bo, TQ, Vantanni
2 Who’s World Is It 04:27
Featuring – Soopafly
3 Somehow 02:52
Featuring – San Quinn
4 Baby (Remix) 04:33
Featuring – Ericka, TQ, Yancy
5 Light’s Out 04:55
Featuring – Big Hollis, Lunasicc
6 Money 2 Burn 03:55
Featuring – Vandelz & The Homies
7 Real Ryder’s 04:31
Featuring – Chuck Nutt
8 Northern Part Of Cali 03:39
Featuring – Certified
9 Ghetto 04:47
Featuring – 2pac, Tammi
10 Pontiac 03:42
Featuring – MGB
11 Jones 04:19
Featuring – Which Way
12 Smoke & Ride 04:54
Featuring – A-One, Yac Town
13 Got To Go 02:34
Featuring – Pit Boss
14 Somebody’s Watching Me 05:31
Featuring – TQ, Yukmouth
15 Turf 02:43
Featuring – Rup Dog
16 Something About The Way 02:33
Featuring – Trish Maye
17 Nigga Fanatic 03:11
Featuring – 4 Foes
18 Flossed Out 03:23
Featuring – C-Bo, Emidy, Official London Breezy, Will


“Platinum Plaques” is a compilation album by the talented producer Mike Mosley hailing from Fairfield, California. Released in 1999 under the Steady Mobbin Productions label, this project showcases Mosley’s impressive production skills and his collaborations with a range of notable artists in the Hip Hop genre.

The 18-track compilation kicks off with “Day In The Life,” featuring C-Bo, TQ, and Vantanni. Throughout the album, listeners are treated to a diverse array of tracks, such as “Who’s World Is It” featuring Soopafly, “Somehow” featuring San Quinn, and “Baby (Remix)” featuring Ericka, Yancy, and TQ.

“Platinum Plaques” continues to impress with tracks like “Light’s Out,” which includes Big Hollis and Lunasicc, and “Money 2 Burn,” featuring The Homies and Vandelz. The album boasts a lineup of collaborations, including “Real Ryder’s” with Chuck Nutt and “Northern Part Of Cali” featuring Certified.

Other standout tracks on this compilation include “Ghetto” with 2pac and Tammi, “Pontiac” featuring MGB, and “Jones” with Which Way. As the album progresses, listeners are treated to “Smoke & Ride,” “Got To Go,” “Somebody’s Watching Me,” and “Turf” with various featured artists.

“Platinum Plaques” concludes with “Something About The Way” featuring Trish Maye, “Nigga Fanatic” with 4 Foes, and “Flossed Out” featuring C-Bo, Emidy, Official London Breezy, and Will. The album serves as a testament to Mike Mosley’s production prowess and his ability to create memorable tracks with a wide array of artists.

With its diverse range of collaborations and engaging production, “Platinum Plaques” is a must-listen for fans of Hip Hop and a brilliant showcase of Mike Mosley’s talents as a producer.



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