Me & My Cousin – Let Your Rhymes Run / New Style Pimpin’

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1 Let Your Rhymes Run 03:10
2 Let Your Rhymes Run (Inst.) 03:13
3 New Style Pimpin’ 03:26
4 New Style Pimpin’ (Inst.) 03:25


“Let Your Rhymes Run / New Style Pimpin'” is a maxi-single released by the rap group Me & My Cousin, consisting of Bryan Thompson and Kevin Saunders, from Oakland, California. The single was released in 1994 under International Records and SMG Solar Music Group, showcasing the duo’s distinct hip-hop style.

The maxi-single features two tracks, “Let Your Rhymes Run” and “New Style Pimpin’,” each accompanied by their respective instrumental versions. Produced by A. McFarland, the single demonstrates the group’s early potential and their ability to deliver captivating lyrics and infectious beats.

“Let Your Rhymes Run” is a display of the duo’s wordplay and lyricism, highlighting their commitment to the art of rapping. With its catchy hook and head-nodding beat, the track showcases Me & My Cousin’s ability to make an impact in the hip-hop scene. The accompanying instrumental version allows listeners to appreciate the song’s production even more.

On the other side, “New Style Pimpin'” offers a different perspective, emphasizing the group’s storytelling skills and their creative approach to hip-hop. With a smoother beat and more laid-back delivery, the track provides a contrast to “Let Your Rhymes Run,” demonstrating Me & My Cousin’s versatility as artists. The instrumental version of “New Style Pimpin'” serves as an invitation for aspiring rappers to add their own verses and engage with the duo’s music.

The “Let Your Rhymes Run / New Style Pimpin'” maxi-single is an essential piece of Me & My Cousin’s discography, highlighting their early talent and the promise they showed as hip-hop artists from Oakland, California.

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