MC Raw – 89 Dope Boy


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1 Buckle Up 02:49
Featuring – C-Money
2 We Go 04:29
Featuring – Cuttavari, Fly BZY
3 Slide Thru 03:45
Featuring – YG Porky, Blue
4 Sticky Situations 02:53
Featuring – YG Porky
5 West Coast Trap Muzik 03:00
6 Bone White D 03:35
7 Block Savage 03:23
Featuring – Luchiano
8 Down On My Luck 03:29
Featuring – C-Money
9 So West Coast 02:56
10 Sky Blue Day 02:52
11 So Viscous 04:22
Featuring – C-Money, Kautios
12 Yoked Out 02:34
13 89 Dope Boy 03:47
Featuring – X-Raided, Luchiano
14 Remi And Ice 02:52
15 Mob Ties 03:01
Featuring – YG Porky
16 Still A Boss 03:58
Featuring – Feezy Montana, Cuttavari
17 Like This 02:56
18 Reckless 02:35
Featuring – YG Porky
19 Chipped Up 03:36
20 West Coast Boss 03:19
Featuring – YG Porky
21 Super Bad 02:26
22 Ride For You 02:57
Featuring – Sincere


“89 Dope Boy” is a dynamic and captivating hip-hop project by MC Raw, an artist hailing from Fresno, California. Released on September 3, 2013, by Thug House Muzik, the album features an impressive line-up of collaborations with artists such as C-Money, Cuttavari, Fly BZY, YG Porky, Blue, Luchiano, Kautios, X-Raided, Feezy Montana, and Sincere. The 22-track album showcases MC Raw’s lyrical skills and unique style, blending West Coast vibes with an undeniable street edge.

Opening with “Buckle Up,” featuring C-Money, the album sets a high-energy tone and serves as an introduction to MC Raw’s world. The album continues with “We Go” and “Slide Thru,” both featuring guest appearances that add layers of depth and variety to the project. Songs like “Sticky Situations” and “West Coast Trap Muzik” emphasize MC Raw’s versatile flow and his ability to tackle different beats and styles.

“89 Dope Boy” features several standout tracks, such as the title track, which includes a collaboration with X-Raided and Luchiano, showcasing the raw talent of these West Coast artists. “Down On My Luck” and “So West Coast” deliver a more introspective side of MC Raw, while “Mob Ties” and “Still A Boss” reinforce his street credibility.

The album closes with “Super Bad” and “Ride For You,” featuring Sincere, offering a satisfying conclusion to this diverse and engaging hip-hop project. “89 Dope Boy” is a testament to MC Raw’s undeniable talent, leaving listeners eager to hear more from this up-and-coming artist.



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