Marlon Money – Mean Joe Green


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1 Intro 00:12
2 Major Pimpin’ 05:14
Featuring – K-Dog, Trigga
3 The Freaky Game 03:56
Featuring – F. Jamesa
4 Pop Wit Me 03:20
Featuring – D.J. Lash, K-Dog
5 Sexy Lady 03:22
6 Its Nothin’ 04:22
Featuring – Delicious, K-Dog, Nakeya
7 So High (Skit) 00:23
8 Mean Joe Green Part 1 03:55
9 Ghetto Life 05:13
Featuring – K-Dog
10 Get It 03:35
Featuring – K-Dog, P.A.G.
11 Body Bang 04:07
Featuring – P.A.G.
12 My Eyes 04:09
13 Money Duz It 03:51
14 Ain’t Gotta Touch You 04:11
Featuring – El Nenyo, K-Dog, Loc-G, Young Rick
15 Who Can I Trust? 04:15
Featuring – Deuce Life, K-Dog
16 Field Niggaz 04:07
Featuring – 20 Sak, Caprice, El Nenyo, Holy Quran, Trigga
17 Extacy 04:20
Featuring – K-Dog, Miliak, Munip
18 Mean Joe Green – Part 2 03:48
Featuring – Jamesa, K-Dog
19 Give The World To You 05:26


“Mean Joe Green” is the second studio album by Oakland-based rapper Marlon Money, released in 2002 under Hazel Vision Music. Known for his G-Funk style and captivating storytelling, Marlon Money delivers a diverse collection of tracks that showcase his talent and versatility as a rapper.

The album comprises 19 tracks, featuring a mix of solo performances and collaborations with fellow artists such as K-Dog, Trigga, F. Jamesa, D.J. Lash, Delicious, Nakeya, P.A.G., El Nenyo, Loc-G, Young Rick, Deuce Life, 20 Sak, Caprice, Holy Quran, Miliak, and Munip. This impressive lineup of guest appearances adds depth and variety to the album, enhancing Marlon Money’s signature sound.

“Mean Joe Green” kicks off with an engaging intro, setting the tone for the rest of the album. Tracks like “Major Pimpin'” and “The Freaky Game” showcase Marlon Money’s lyrical prowess and affinity for creating infectious hooks. “Pop Wit Me” and “Sexy Lady” demonstrate his ability to blend smooth melodies with hard-hitting beats, a signature of the G-Funk genre.

The album also includes introspective tracks like “Ghetto Life” and “Who Can I Trust?” which delve into the struggles and challenges faced by those living in urban environments. “Mean Joe Green Part 1” and “Mean Joe Green Part 2” serve as the album’s thematic centerpieces, featuring impressive wordplay and storytelling by Marlon Money and his collaborators.

“Mean Joe Green” is a testament to Marlon Money’s growth as an artist and his dedication to his craft. With its diverse tracklist and captivating storytelling, this album is a must-listen for fans of G-Funk and West Coast hip-hop.



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