Maniac – 2Deep 2Peep


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1 2Deep 2Peep (Deep Enough Remix) [Censored] 04:15
2 2Deep 2Peep (Deep Enough Remix) 04:14
3 2Deep 2Peep (Radio Edit) 04:02
4 2Deep 2Peep (A Capella) 03:52
5 Straight Jacket (Remix) 03:33


“2Deep 2Peep” is a maxi-single by Compton, California rapper Maniac, released on December 20, 1994, by Crenshaw Blvd. Records. Featuring a blend of West Coast hip-hop and gangsta rap, the single showcases Maniac’s lyrical skills and ability to deliver hard-hitting beats.

The maxi-single includes five tracks, opening with the “2Deep 2Peep (LP Version)” which sets the tone for the release. The single is followed by two remixes, “2Deep 2Peep (Deep Enough Remix)” and “2Deep 2Peep (Maniac Depression Remix).” The maxi-single also features the track “Straight Jacket (LP Version)” and its accompanying remix, “Straight Jacket (Remix).”

Executive produced by Jonathan Clark and Michael Concepcion, the maxi-single also features guest appearances by Shorte & Nozee. The tracks were produced and remixed by Vic C, who worked closely with Maniac to create a cohesive and powerful sound.

Maniac, whose real name is Kory Malborough, is a talented gangsta rapper hailing from Compton, California. “2Deep 2Peep” highlights his skills as a lyricist and his ability to adapt to various musical styles, while still maintaining a signature sound that fans of West Coast hip-hop can appreciate.

With its gritty lyrics and infectious beats, “2Deep 2Peep” is a testament to Maniac’s talent as a rapper and his unique contributions to the world of ’90s hip-hop.



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