Macky Loks – Forever In The Game


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1 Flipp Of The Page 04:07
2 Good Ole Days 03:12
Featuring – Dominator
3 Forever In The Game 03:57
Featuring – Dominator
4 Same Ole Thang 03:54
Featuring – Dominator
5 Beat Don’t Fail Me Now 03:37
Featuring – Dominator, Rayleen
6 My Lady 04:08
Featuring – Boxx
7 East Side Hustler 03:41
8 Come With It 04:07
Featuring – Dominator
9 Got To Be Me 04:00
Featuring – Dominator
10 Tired Of Being Broke 03:10
Featuring – Dominator
11 Example 03:49
12 Party 03:25
Featuring – Dominator
13 Mackin For Life 03:53
14 Ckrackin 03:44


“Forever In The Game” is the only studio album by rapper Macky Loks, who hails from Los Osos, California. Released in 2005 under the High Rollers Entertainment label, the album showcases a unique blend of hip-hop and Latin influences, combining gangsta rap with a touch of funk. Macky Loks’ powerful lyrics and captivating storytelling skills are on full display throughout the 14 tracks on this album.

Macky Loks collaborates with talented artists such as Dominator, Rayleen, and Boxx, whose contributions enhance the overall sound and vibe of the album. Dominator, in particular, features prominently on the album, lending his talents to multiple tracks, including “Good Ole Days,” “Forever In The Game,” “Same Ole Thang,” “Beat Don’t Fail Me Now,” “Come With It,” “Got To Be Me,” and “Party.”

The album kicks off with “Flipp Of The Page,” setting the tone for Macky Loks’ unique blend of hip-hop and Latin styles. Standout tracks like “Forever In The Game” and “Good Ole Days” showcase Macky Loks’ ability to craft memorable hooks and catchy beats, while “Same Ole Thang” and “Tired Of Being Broke” delve into the struggles and experiences that have shaped his life.

“Forever In The Game” features a diverse range of sounds, with tracks like “Beat Don’t Fail Me Now,” which includes the vocal talents of Rayleen, and “My Lady,” featuring Boxx, adding depth and variety to the album. Macky Loks’ storytelling shines in tracks like “East Side Hustler” and “Mackin For Life,” capturing the essence of his experiences growing up in Los Osos, California.

Overall, “Forever In The Game” is a solid debut album that showcases Macky Loks’ talent as a rapper and his ability to create an engaging blend of hip-hop and Latin influences. It’s a must-have for fans of West Coast rap and those looking for fresh, unique sounds.



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