Mackadelics – Exposed To The Game


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1 Pimptro 01:43
2 Power Of A Playa 04:15
3 Bank-N-Corners 03:56
4 Devil’s Dope 03:40
5 On A Ride 03:34
6 Hustlin 04:07
7 P.I. Convo 01:34
8 The Mackadelics 03:44
9 Are U Ready? 03:20
10 Lush-n-Lavish 04:14
11 Tweed Cadilliac Bar 01:03
12 Gotta Be Fly 04:05
13 Like This 04:10
14 Man In The Mirror 04:00
15 Stack-N-Mack-N 03:47
16 Voodoo 03:54
17 How Many 03:44
18 The Devil Made Me Do It 03:42
19 From The Ghetto 03:25
20 (I Wanna) Spend The Night With U 03:55
21 Between The Sheets 04:39


“Exposed To The Game” is the debut studio album by rap group Mackadelics, hailing from Compton, California. Released on March 19, 1996, under Sunset Blvd Entertainment and Explicit Entertainment, the album dives into the world of gangsta rap, showcasing the raw and unfiltered nature of the genre during its prime.

Mackadelics is composed of members Gerald Parrish (aka B-Low-0) and Alphonso Henderson (aka DJ Aladdin). The 21-track album kicks off with a “Pimptro” before delving into songs like “Power Of A Playa,” “Bank-N-Corners,” and “Devil’s Dope.” Throughout the album, listeners are treated to tracks reflecting the struggles and experiences of life on the streets, such as “On A Ride,” “Hustlin,” and “The Mackadelics.” The album also features more introspective songs like “Man In The Mirror” and “From The Ghetto.”

“Exposed To The Game” is executive produced by John Borunda and Laurent Besencon, with DJ Aladdin serving as the main producer. With a solid combination of catchy beats, authentic storytelling, and powerful lyrics, Mackadelics delivers a memorable gangsta rap album that captures the essence of the genre.

For fans of 90s hip-hop, “Exposed To The Game” offers a genuine insight into the Compton rap scene during the period. The album’s raw energy and compelling narratives make it a must-listen for those who appreciate the grit and authenticity of gangsta rap.



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