M A D – New World LP


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1 Summer Dream 04:18
2 Loud 03:39
3 Gorilla 03:29
4 These Streets 03:38
5 Boogeyman 03:40
6 What Lies Behind 03:53
7 Helen Of Troy 03:37
8 The Wedding 03:36
9 Pain 03:25
10 Lock, Shock & Barrel 03:36
11 Smoke In My Mouth 03:01
12 New Arcadia 04:08


“New World LP” is a captivating project by M A D, an up-and-coming artist from Arizona. Released on July 1, 2017, by Sin House Records, this album is an exploration of diverse themes, genres, and emotions, showcasing M A D’s exceptional talent and unique sound.

The album opens with “Summer Dream,” a laid-back track that sets the stage for the eclectic mix of songs to follow. “Loud” turns up the volume with its high-energy beats and catchy hooks, while “Gorilla” introduces a darker, more intense atmosphere, highlighting M A D’s versatility as an artist.

“These Streets” delves into the challenges and realities of urban life, and “Boogeyman” presents a haunting narrative that will leave listeners intrigued. “What Lies Behind” showcases M A D’s introspective side, as he explores hidden emotions and personal struggles.

“Helen Of Troy” is a captivating ode to love and desire, followed by “The Wedding,” a track that tells a story of commitment and partnership, further demonstrating M A D’s impressive storytelling abilities. “Pain” provides an honest look into the hardships faced by the artist, offering a raw and vulnerable glimpse into his world.

“Lock, Shock & Barrel” brings a playful edge to the album, while “Smoke In My Mouth” serves as a smooth and sultry interlude. The album concludes with “New Arcadia,” an uplifting track that celebrates personal growth and new beginnings.

Throughout “New World LP,” M A D exhibits a remarkable ability to navigate different genres and emotions, crafting a project that is both cohesive and refreshingly unpredictable. This album is a testament to M A D’s unique talent and is sure to captivate fans of innovative and authentic music.



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