Lyrical & Lil Yogi – Real Chicano Mixtape


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1 Intro 01:45
2 Dedication To The Homeys 03:04
3 Chicano Rap Mixtape 01:31
4 You Already Know 02:39
5 Lay Low 03:14
Featuring – L-Boy
6 California 02:14
7 Skit 02:18
8 O*C Bangin 03:09
Featuring – Casual
9 P.I.M.P. 03:59
10 Start Some Drama 02:01
11 Bang Bang 03:59
Featuring – Rascal
12 Freak You 03:04
13 This Is How It Goes 03:00
14 Outro 05:48
15 Fake Vatos 03:56
16 Snoop Diss 02:57


“Real Chicano Mixtape” is a compelling project by Los Angeles-based rappers Lyrical and Lil Yogi, released on May 20, 2008, under the label MK13 Entertainment. This mixtape captures the essence of the Chicano rap scene, blending raw, street-smart lyrics with catchy, engaging beats that showcase the duo’s undeniable talent.

The tape opens with an “Intro” that sets the stage for the high-energy tracks to follow. “Dedication To The Homeys” serves as a tribute to their friends and fellow artists, while “Chicano Rap Mixtape” represents the essence of the project, emphasizing their pride in their roots and their place within the genre.

Throughout the mixtape, Lyrical and Lil Yogi explore various themes that resonate with their audience. “You Already Know” and “Lay Low,” featuring L-Boy, highlight their skill in creating catchy, memorable hooks, while “California” serves as an ode to their home state.

The tape also features a series of collaborations, such as “O*C Bangin,” featuring Casual, and “Bang Bang,” featuring Rascal. These tracks showcase the chemistry between the artists and their ability to create a cohesive sound.

Tracks like “P.I.M.P.” and “Start Some Drama” delve into the harsher aspects of their lives, while “Freak You” and “This Is How It Goes” provide a more lighthearted, upbeat vibe.

The mixtape concludes with the hard-hitting “Outro,” followed by two bonus tracks, “Fake Vatos” and “Snoop Diss,” which demonstrate the rappers’ fearless approach to their craft.

Overall, “Real Chicano Mixtape” is a captivating project that authentically represents the Chicano rap scene, showcasing the unique talents of Lyrical and Lil Yogi.



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