LV – The Gangstas In South Central


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1 On A Mission 04:05
2 2 G R Not 2 G 04:02
3 C U When U Get Out 04:27
4 Think’n’ Bout My Brotha 05:17
5 Only Lonely Homie 04:30
6 G’z On Da Move 03:58
7 What ‘R’ You Gonna Do 04:24
8 Gonna Getcha 03:45
9 Now I Lay Me Down 03:45
10 U Gotta Deal Wit Dis (Gangsta Luv) 03:36
11 Pops Was A Rolla 03:48


“The Gangstas In South Central” is a compilation album featuring the vocal talents of Los Angeles-based singer LV, best known for his collaboration with Coolio on the iconic track “Gangsta’s Paradise.” Released on October 24, 1996, by Nectar Masters, this compilation showcases LV’s distinctive voice and his ability to blend seamlessly into the gangsta rap genre. With a collection of songs that range from the introspective to the gritty, this album highlights the diversity and depth of LV’s musical repertoire.

Opening with the powerful “On A Mission,” the compilation sets the tone for a journey into the world of gangsta rap. “2 G R Not 2 G” and “C U When U Get Out” continue the narrative, with LV’s smooth vocals complementing the raw lyrics and hard-hitting beats. “Think’n’ Bout My Brotha” and “Only Lonely Homie” delve into themes of loyalty, loss, and the struggles of life in the streets, offering listeners an intimate glimpse into LV’s experiences and emotions.

“G’z On Da Move” and “What ‘R’ You Gonna Do” showcase LV’s ability to keep the energy high while still delivering a powerful message. “Gonna Getcha” and “Now I Lay Me Down” explore themes of revenge and survival, while “U Gotta Deal Wit Dis (Gangsta Luv)” and “Pops Was A Rolla” provide a softer, more melodic counterpoint to the rest of the compilation.

“The Gangstas In South Central” serves as a testament to LV’s incredible talent and versatility as a singer. Fans of LV and the gangsta rap genre will undoubtedly appreciate this compilation of tracks that highlight his unique voice and undeniable presence in the world of hip-hop.

Immerse yourself in the world of gangsta rap with LV’s compelling compilation, “The Gangstas In South Central.”



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