LV & Prodeje – The Playground


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1 In The Hood 04:45
Featuring – Coolio
2 Hit It In My Chucks 03:21
3 Hot 2 Def 03:30
4 Panties & Bras 03:45
5 Movin’ 04:05
6 Playa Round Da World 03:42
7 We Gonna Ride 03:52
8 The Yard 03:59
9 Bubble Witcha 03:35
10 Lap Dance 03:44
11 Wake Me Up 05:22
12 Born II Roll 04:15
13 LP 04:32
14 Holla 03:27
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15 Bonus Track 04:02
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16 In The Hood (Raw) 04:45
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17 In The Hood (Instrumental) 04:44


“The Playground” is a collaboration album between renowned R&B singer L.V. (Larry Sanders) and rapper Prodeje (Austin Patterson) of South Central Cartel. Released on October 8, 2002, by Activate Entertainment LLC, the album features a guest appearance by iconic rapper Coolio. L.V. is best known for singing the chorus on Coolio’s 1995 hit single “Gangsta’s Paradise.”

The album kicks off with “In The Hood,” featuring Coolio, setting the stage with an engaging blend of R&B and hip-hop elements. The track “Hit It In My Chucks” follows, showcasing the duo’s dynamic chemistry as they effortlessly deliver catchy hooks and verses.

“Hot 2 Def” and “Panties & Bras” further exemplify L.V. and Prodeje’s ability to create infectious grooves, while “Movin'” and “Playa Round Da World” display their skill in crafting smooth, rhythmic tracks that appeal to a wide audience.

“We Gonna Ride” and “The Yard” maintain the album’s energetic vibe, with engaging beats and memorable lyrics. “Bubble Witcha” and “Lap Dance” provide listeners with a taste of the duo’s versatility, as they explore different musical styles and themes.

The introspective “Wake Me Up” and the upbeat “Born II Roll” showcase the breadth of L.V. and Prodeje’s musical prowess. The album concludes with “LP” and “Holla,” wrapping up the project on a high note. The Playground also includes three bonus tracks, offering fans even more of the duo’s captivating sound.

Overall, “The Playground” is a must-listen for fans of both L.V. and Prodeje, as well as anyone who appreciates the seamless fusion of R&B and hip-hop.



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