Luniz – We Are The Luniz


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1 I Can’t Wait 04:04
2 Payroll Family 03:39
3 Do You Im A Do Me 03:42
4 We Famous 04:24
5 Thugs Die 03:07
6 Baby Mama 04:16
7 Philies 07:39
8 Knock Diesel 03:16
9 Ball Or Bleed 04:01
10 International Helmet 04:23
11 Jack Off 03:56
12 The World 03:30
13 No Hoes 04:37
14 Trikin 03:13


“We Are The Luniz” is an unofficial release by the iconic Oakland, California rap group Luniz, consisting of Yukmouth and Numskull. The album, released in 2005 under War Zone Records, showcases the duo’s dynamic chemistry and their signature hip-hop style.

The album opens with “I Can’t Wait,” setting the tone for the rest of the project with its catchy hook and infectious beat. “Payroll Family” follows, highlighting the group’s strong connection to their local community and the importance of loyalty.

“Do You Im A Do Me” and “We Famous” showcase the duo’s unapologetic confidence in their craft and success, while “Thugs Die” and “Baby Mama” offer a more reflective look at the challenges and hardships faced by the artists.

“Philies” and “Knock Diesel” bring the energy back up, delivering hard-hitting beats and memorable rhymes. “Ball Or Bleed” and “International Helmet” further emphasize Luniz’s dedication to their music and their relentless pursuit of success.

“Jack Off,” “The World,” and “No Hoes” continue to showcase the group’s lyrical prowess and unique style, with each track offering a different perspective on life and the struggles they’ve faced. The album concludes with “Trikin,” leaving listeners with a lasting impression of Luniz’s incredible talent and their undeniable impact on the hip-hop scene.

Despite being an unofficial release, “We Are The Luniz” still manages to capture the essence of Luniz’s distinctive sound and serves as a testament to their influence on the world of hip-hop.



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