Lugo – Gangsta Talk


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1 Intro 00:07
2 Wut Iz A Playa (Playa-version Remix) 05:30
Featuring – Dolla Bill
3 Tha-O 00:16
4 Town Life 05:14
Featuring – MC Man
5 Draft Pick 04:07
Featuring – Dolla Bill, G-Nut, Just Mello
6 Gangsta Talk 03:43
Featuring – Psyco Joe, Rolo
7 Quiet Az Kept 02:42
Featuring – Cityzun Kane
8 Field Of Soldiers 04:06
Featuring – Dolla Bill, Tha Hellwig
9 Wut Iz A Playa (Loc-version) 04:47
Featuring – S. Compton
10 Outro 00:50


“Gangsta Talk” is the debut studio album by rapper Lugo from Hayward, California. Released in 2000, the album is a collaboration between 30 Deep Entertainment, Funky Mixx Records, and Legal Dope Entertainment. The album showcases Lugo’s talent as a rapper, with a strong focus on the gangsta rap genre and the Bay Area’s distinct hip-hop sound.

The album features 10 tracks, including an intro and outro, both produced by Jamnin J Medina. Notable collaborations on the album include “Wut Iz A Playa (Playa-version Remix)” featuring Dolla Bill, “Town Life” featuring MC Man, and “Gangsta Talk” with Psyco Joe and Rolo. The album also features a second version of “Wut Iz A Playa” with S. Compton, showcasing Lugo’s versatility as an artist.

Throughout the album, Lugo’s powerful lyrics and catchy beats, predominantly produced by Jamnin J Medina, provide an authentic Bay Area gangsta rap experience. From the hard-hitting “Field Of Soldiers” featuring Dolla Bill and Tha Hellwig, to the smooth and introspective “Quiet Az Kept” with Cityzun Kane, “Gangsta Talk” offers a variety of tracks that capture Lugo’s unique style.

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Future Sound Studio, ensuring high-quality production values. The artwork was created by Cisco and Victor Gascon, adding a visual element that complements Lugo’s gangsta rap persona.

“Gangsta Talk” is a strong debut from Lugo, demonstrating his undeniable talent and ability to captivate listeners with his authentic Bay Area sound. This album is a must-listen for fans of gangsta rap and the legendary Bay Area hip-hop scene.



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