Los Tumbados – Tekolotes


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1 Intro 00:50
2 Pilotos Del Humo 03:52
Featuring – Bagavundoz
3 Defective Product 03:14
4 Rumor En El Aire 04:36
Featuring – Phase Loko-Los Tumbados
5 No Place Like Home 04:53
Featuring – Kemo The Blaxican
6 13 O’Clock 04:29
7 Malos Pasos 04:31
Featuring – Conejo
8 Tekolokiando 03:22
9 Trip Of Our Own 04:10
10 Metal 02:53
11 Animalitos 03:27
Featuring – Phase Loko
12 Diablo 03:47
Featuring – Knuckles Of N.M.E.
13 La Fogata 03:06
14 Bonus Track 05:06


“Tekolotes” is the one and only album by Los Angeles-based rap group Los Tumbados, known for their unique blend of hip-hop, rock, Latin, and funk/soul elements. Released on August 30, 2005, by Aries Music Entertainment, the album features collaborations with various artists such as Bagavundoz, Phase Loko, Kemo The Blaxican, Conejo, and Knuckles Of N.M.E.

The album starts with an “Intro” produced by Los Tumbados, followed by the track “Pilotos Del Humo” featuring Bagavundoz. The unique combination of Latin hip-hop and rock influences becomes apparent in tracks like “Defective Product” and “Rumor En El Aire,” featuring Phase Loko.

“No Place Like Home” sees Kemo “The Blaxican” contributing his talents to the album, while “13 O’Clock Rock” further showcases the group’s ability to fuse diverse musical styles. “Malos Pasos” featuring Conejo and “Tekolokiando” exhibit the group’s hardcore hip-hop prowess.

Continuing the genre-blending theme, “Trip Of Our Own” and “Metal” bring a rock edge to the album. “Animalitos En Tu Bolsa” with Phase Loko, “Diablo” featuring Knuckles, and “La Fogata” round out the project, offering a memorable listening experience for fans of Latin hip-hop and rock.

“Tekolotes” is a must-listen for those interested in exploring the fusion of Latin hip-hop, rock, and funk/soul, featuring collaborations with numerous talented artists from the Los Angeles music scene.



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