Lil Yogi & Kriminalie – Chicano Raps: Most Hated Mixtape


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1 Intro 02:28
2 Chicano Raps Most Hated 03:28
3 All For The Money 04:29
Featuring – Lboy
4 They Ain’t Ready 04:03
5 Pop Bottles 02:22
6 Fresh 03:36
7 Candy Land 02:36
8 Hard Liquor 02:59
9 Get High 03:05
10 My Life 04:16
11 Hustling 04:02
12 Southern Cali 03:09
13 Last Breath 04:32
Featuring – Berreta, Annimeans
14 Bark And No Bite 02:51
15 Wake Up, Get Up 04:12
Featuring – Smilone
16 Southside 03:16
17 What I’ve Been Through 04:20
18 Bonus Track: 5 Riderz 04:25
Featuring – Big Tazz, Clumsie, Temper


“Chicano Raps: Most Hated Mixtape” is a bold and unapologetic project by rappers Lil Yogi and Kriminalie, hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released in 2010 by Lockdown Records, this mixtape delivers a powerful and authentic portrayal of the Chicano rap scene, featuring raw lyrics and hard-hitting beats that capture the essence of their experiences.

The mixtape kicks off with an atmospheric “Intro” that sets the stage for the impactful tracks to follow. The title track, “Chicano Raps Most Hated,” showcases Lil Yogi and Kriminalie’s prowess in the genre and their determination to make a statement. “All For The Money” features Lboy, adding another layer of depth to the mixtape’s narrative.

Throughout the project, Lil Yogi and Kriminalie explore various themes and sounds, showcasing their versatility as artists. Tracks like “They Ain’t Ready,” “Pop Bottles,” and “Fresh” provide energetic and catchy anthems, while “Candy Land,” “Hard Liquor,” and “Get High” delve into the grittier aspects of their lifestyle.

“My Life” and “Hustling” offer introspective takes on the challenges they’ve faced, while “Southern Cali” and “Southside” serve as proud tributes to their roots. “Last Breath,” featuring Berreta and Annimeans, “Bark And No Bite,” and “Wake Up, Get Up,” featuring Smilone, provide hard-hitting collaborations that showcase the rappers’ chemistry with fellow artists.

The mixtape concludes with the heartfelt “What I’ve Been Through” and the bonus track “5 Riderz,” featuring Big Tazz, Clumsie, and Temper, leaving a lasting impression on listeners and solidifying Lil Yogi and Kriminalie’s place in the Chicano rap scene.

“Chicano Raps: Most Hated Mixtape” is a powerful and authentic project that captures the essence of Lil Yogi and Kriminalie’s experiences, making it a must-listen for fans of the genre.



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