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1 WGDC: Big Fish Interlude 00:24
2 Lose Yo Mind 04:30
3 Hopes And Dreams 04:26
Featuring – BadAzz, Coco Loc, Legacy
4 How Can I Trust Cha 04:03
5 What Y’all Say ‘Bout Cali? 03:58
6 Lil’Les From Hawthorne Interlude 00:42
7 Illusions 04:08
8 Pocket Snatchas 04:08
9 Deadly Sins 04:17
10 NOsey NOse: Interlude 00:26
11 Never 03:51
Featuring – Damion Cantrell
12 Rachett Been Done It 04:13
13 If You Wanna Go 04:05
Featuring – K-Bar
14 Lil’ Rachett: Up In U Interlude 00:46
15 What G’s Do 4 Money 04:37
Featuring – LV
16 Tha Real Deal 03:57
17 Lil’ Les: Runnin Shit Interlude 00:37
18 Unda Tha Influence 04:08


“Lil’ Rachett,” the debut self-titled album by Los Angeles rapper Corey Ramsey, was released on May 25, 1999, under Big Kid Records. Featuring a mix of gangsta, conscious, and G-funk styles, the album showcases Lil’ Rachett’s versatility and talent as an up-and-coming artist in the hip-hop scene.

The 18-track album is packed with guest appearances by notable artists such as BadAzz, Coco Loc, Legacy, Damion Cantrell, K-Bar, and LV, providing a dynamic listening experience that highlights the collaborative spirit of the hip-hop community.

The album kicks off with the “WGDC: Big Fish Interlude” before diving into the energetic “Lose Yo Mind.” Lil’ Rachett continues to showcase his lyrical prowess in tracks like “Hopes and Dreams,” featuring BadAzz, Coco Loc, and Legacy, and “How Can I Trust Cha,” both of which explore themes of trust and ambition.

Further into the album, tracks like “Illusions” and “Deadly Sins” display Lil’ Rachett’s ability to tackle introspective and thought-provoking subjects, while “What Y’all Say ‘Bout Cali?” and “Rachett Been Done It” offer a nod to his West Coast roots.

Collaborations with Damion Cantrell on “Never” and K-Bar on “If You Wanna Go” provide additional depth to the album, while “What G’s Do 4 Money” featuring LV showcases the rapper’s storytelling skills.

The album concludes with “Unda Tha Influence,” a powerful track that leaves a lasting impression on listeners and solidifies Lil’ Rachett’s place in the hip-hop landscape.

With its diverse array of styles and features, Lil’ Rachett’s debut album is a must-listen for fans of 90s West Coast hip-hop and serves as a testament to the rapper’s talent and potential.



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