Lil OneHunnet – Culture Vultures & Vultures


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1 Interview Whoislilonehunnet 05:17
2 Sleep Eat Pray 02:26
3 Story To Tell 02:57
4 Make It Out 05:47
Featuring – Hitta J3, Big Tray Deee, Bobby Luv, Chuc Taylor
5 Street Smart 03:19
6 Sunshine 03:42
Featuring – Lil 103
7 Im Tha Man 03:01
8 Gotta Have Her 03:58
9 They Think I’m Selling Dope 03:08
10 Interview Whoislilonehunnet, Pt. 2 06:40
11 Can I Live 02:20
12 Death Around The Corner 03:02
Featuring – Max P, Rarri
13 Run For It 03:33
Featuring – Lil103
14 Bussin Moves 02:43
15 From The M Town To The Jordan Downs 02:58
Featuring – Jay Fizzle, 03 Greedo
16 Cook Up 03:39
17 Money Is The Motive 03:42
18 Chec Out My Whip & My Bitch 03:48
Featuring – Max P
19 Turn Up For A Chec 02:49
20 We Made It 03:01
Featuring – Lil103


“Culture Vultures & Vultures” is a mixtape project by Los Angeles rapper Lil OneHunnet, self-released on October 20, 2017. Featuring an array of guest artists, including Hitta J3, Big Tray Deee, Bobby Luv, Chuc Taylor, Lil 103, Max P, Rarri, Jay Fizzle, and 03 Greedo, this ambitious project showcases Lil OneHunnet’s talent and versatility as a hip-hop artist.

The mixtape begins with an “Interview Whoislilonehunnet,” setting the stage for the listener to get to know Lil OneHunnet. The following tracks, “Sleep Eat Pray” and “Story to Tell,” dive into his personal experiences and outlook on life.

“Make It Out,” a standout track, features Hitta J3, Big Tray Deee, Bobby Luv, and Chuc Taylor, all contributing their unique styles to create a powerful anthem about overcoming adversity. “Street Smart” and “Sunshine” demonstrate Lil OneHunnet’s storytelling abilities, with the latter featuring Lil 103.

Throughout the mixtape, Lil OneHunnet explores various themes and styles, from the introspective “Can I Live” and “Death Around the Corner” (featuring Max P and Rarri) to the energetic “Run For It” and “Bussin Moves.”

“From The M Town To The Jordan Downs,” featuring Jay Fizzle and 03 Greedo, showcases a strong collaboration between the artists and highlights their individual strengths. The mixtape concludes with “We Made It,” an uplifting track featuring Lil103 that celebrates their success and hard work.

“Culture Vultures & Vultures” is a testament to Lil OneHunnet’s growth as an artist and his ability to collaborate with a diverse range of talents in the hip-hop industry.



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