Lil Jazz – Game4USuckaz


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1 Intro 01:54
2 Game4USuckaz 04:53
3 On Dat Level 04:11
4 Inter: Drive By 00:29
5 Street Star 03:00
6 Everythang 04:05
7 Lucky Charmz 04:29
Featuring – Skip Dog
8 Inter: Voice Mail 01:02
9 She’s Hooked 06:16
Featuring – Da Madd Boots
10 4-Eva 03:12
Featuring – Simply Dre
11 Inter: Pulp Addiction 00:57
12 Da Explosure (Feel Da Pressure) 05:30
Featuring – Felony (Mass Murder)
13 Now I See 03:37
14 Offndatazz 04:23
Featuring – Pizzo
15 Inter: Let Em Have It 00:42
16 Faulty Gamez 05:31
Featuring – T-Roy, Young J
17 Rezidentz Ov Da Flatz (Fairfield California) 08:16
Featuring – Cool V, Hemi, J-Dubb, Jum Dog, Lil Dre, Mac Lo, No Face Phantom, Pizzo, Young J
18 18 From Da 4 (What Chu No About A Savage) 04:58
19 Outroduction: D-4 (R.I.P.) 01:18


“Game4USuckaz” marks the debut studio album of rapper Lil Jazz, who hails from Fairfield, California. Released on May 21, 1996, by BodyBag Records, this album features a blend of Gangsta and G-Funk styles, showcasing Lil Jazz’s unique take on Hip Hop.

The 19-track album begins with an intro, followed by the title track “Game4USuckaz,” which features backing vocals by Rome-Dog. The album continues with tracks like “On Dat Level,” “Street Star,” and “Everythang,” which includes a sample by E-40. Throughout the album, Lil Jazz collaborates with various artists, such as Skip Dog on “Lucky Charmz,” Da Madd Boots on “She’s Hooked,” and Simply Dre on “4-Eva.”

Further into the album, listeners are treated to “Da Explosure (Feel Da Pressure)” featuring Felony, “Now I See,” and “Offndatazz” with Pizzo and backing vocals by No Face Phantom and O.Z. “Game4USuckaz” also includes several interlude tracks, such as “Drive By,” “Voice Mail,” “Pulp Addiction,” and “Let Em Have It.”

The album wraps up with “Faulty Gamez,” which features T-Roy and Young J, “Rezidentz Ov Da Flatz (Fairfield California)” showcasing a variety of artists, “From Da 4 (What Chu No About A Savage),” and the heartfelt “Outroduction: D-4 (R.I.P.).”

“Game4USuckaz” was recorded at Ole School Studios and mastered at Rocket Lab. The album’s production was handled by B.C. and T-Roy, while the executive production was managed by E-Feddy and J-Spin. With its captivating tracks and collaborations, “Game4USuckaz” stands as a solid debut for Lil Jazz, offering an intriguing look into his artistry.



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