Lil Chill – Ain’t No Luv Lost


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1 The Enemy 05:01
2 Raised In The Hub (City Of Compton) 04:08
3 Niggaz Get Dealt With 03:49
4 Strate Up Stuc 04:13
Featuring – Pollaseed
5 I Won’t Go Down 04:24
6 Compton Anthem (Claimin’ The CPT) 04:47
Featuring – Brum, Mexicali Slim
7 Ain’t No Luv Lost 05:09
Featuring – Ese Daz
8 Ghetto Child 04:30
9 Sleep Don’t Come E-Z 04:18
10 Real Niggaz Pt. 1 & 2 05:35


“Ain’t No Luv Lost” is the debut studio album from Compton, California rapper Lil Chill. Released on May 23, 1995, by Hoodlum Records, the album features a collection of gangsta rap tracks that showcase Lil Chill’s talent and unique perspective on life in Compton.

The album kicks off with “The Enemy” and continues with tracks like “Raised In The Hub (City of Compton),” “Niggaz Get Dealt With,” “Strate Up Stuc,” and “I Won’t Go Down.” Throughout the album, Lil Chill collaborates with artists such as Pollaseed, Brum, Mexicali Slim, and Ese Daz, adding layers of depth to the music. Background vocals are provided by various artists, including Domonique, Martine, Ronnette, Shalitah, and Linda Love.

“Ain’t No Luv Lost” features the production of Brum and Ese Daz, with the latter also contributing as a co-producer on multiple tracks. The album was mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering and mixed at Echo Sound and Paramount Recording Studios.

As Lil Chill’s debut offering, “Ain’t No Luv Lost” captures the essence of mid-90s gangsta rap and the raw energy of Compton’s streets. With its compelling storytelling and powerful beats, the album remains a classic example of West Coast hip-hop.



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