Larry Locc – I’m Having Flashbacks


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1 Flashbacks 04:49
2 Greetings 05:18
3 Comin’ Round The Mountain 05:26
4 Back To L.A. 02:18
5 Jamaica 03:14
6 I Want To Do All The Things 4 U 05:45
7 3 Damn Pigs 05:35
8 State Raised 04:23
9 Message To The Homies 05:14
10 Greetings (Instrumental) 05:54
11 Gettin’ Paid 06:11


“I’m Having Flashbacks” is the debut album by Compton, California rapper Larry Locc, released on October 17, 1995, by Zulu International Productions. The album features a blend of gangsta rap and G-funk, reflecting Larry Locc’s experiences as a former Cripp gang member and his unique perspective on life.

The album kicks off with the track “Flashbacks,” featuring production by Gehrig Burett and Howard Helm, as well as guitar work by Calvin Chambers. Other standout tracks include “Greetings,” “Comin’ Round The Mountain,” “Back To L.A.,” “Jamaica,” and “3 Damn Pigs.” Throughout the album, Larry Locc collaborates with various artists and producers, such as Derrick “Funkum” Briscoe, T.C. “Boom” Jenkins, Terry “Boo Yah” Powers, and Foster Sylvers.

“I’m Having Flashbacks” was recorded at Bruce Wilson’s Studios and Funk Laboratory Recording Studios, and mixed at Kitchen Sync Studios and Cherokee Studios. The album features drum programming and keyboards by Derrick “Funkum” Briscoe and T.C. “Boom” Jenkins, with additional production and arrangements by Larry Locc himself.

Larry Locc, also known as Larry The Messenger and The Platinum Poet, delivers a powerful debut with “I’m Having Flashbacks,” showcasing his raw talent and unique voice in the world of hip-hop. The album captures the essence of 90s West Coast rap and remains a testament to Larry Locc’s contributions to the genre.



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