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1 Don’t Be Misled 05:08
2 Hip-Hop Boy 04:00
3 I Chase U 04:55
4 G’s Summary 04:05
5 E 1 03:54
6 Natch Up 03:13
7 The Sound 04:06
8 Destroy All The Stereotypes 05:38
9 Pure Facts 03:15


Krispy 3’s eponymous debut album, released on June 28, 1992, by Gumh Recordings, marked the beginning of the Lancashire-based rap group’s journey in the world of hip-hop. Featuring a distinctive Britcore style, the album highlights the group’s exceptional talent and innovative approach to the genre.

The album consists of nine tracks, each showcasing the creative prowess of the group’s members: Michael Finlayson (Microphone D.O.N.), Richard Finlayson (Mr. Wiz), and George Guye (Sonic G). The opening track, “Don’t Be Misled,” sets the tone for the album with its powerful lyrics and pulsating beats. “Hip-Hop Boy” and “I Chase U” follow, further illustrating the group’s ability to craft memorable and engaging tunes. Other standout tracks include “G’s Summary,” “E 1,” “Natch Up,” “The Sound,” “Destroy All The Stereotypes,” and “Pure Facts.”

The album was engineered at Assembly Line Studios, Preston, and Suite 16 Studios. It features the work of engineer Jim Hesketh on tracks 1 to 4, 6 to 9, and Rex on track 5. All the tracks were produced by Mr. Wiz, and the music was composed by R. Finlayson.

Krispy 3’s debut album served as a solid foundation for the group’s career. Throughout the 1990s, they continued to release singles, EPs, and albums, including “Can’t Melt the Wax” and “From the Country.” The group’s success led to tours with prominent artists like Naughty By Nature and headlining shows across Europe.

Despite changes in the group’s lineup, Krispy 3’s first album remains a testament to their unique style and contribution to the UK hip-hop scene.



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