Kollision – High Performance


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1 Kollision Intro 00:50
2 Insane Dame, Brother Broski High Performance 04:17
Featuring – Tyme Brown
3 Tyme, Brother Broski, Insane Dame, Life, T. Looney Catchin Wreck 03:52
4 Tyme, Brother Broski, Insane Dame “Players Play” 04:44
Featuring – Danesha
5 Life, Insane Dame, Crooked Eye Mob Life 04:26
Featuring – Brother Broski
6 Tyme, Brother Broski, Insane Dame Anybody Killa 03:45
Featuring – DJ Daryl
7 Tyme, C, Brother Broski, Insane Dame Marinate 03:58
8 Tyme, Killa K, Insane Dame Young Riders 03:30
9 Tyme Brown, Brother Broski, Insane Dame, Life Incarcerated 04:39
Featuring – Danesha
10 Insane, Broski, C, Tyme, Killa K What U Need 04:30
11 Tyme, Brother Broski, Insane Dame Escape 04:17
Featuring – Stacey Hogg
12 Tyme, C-Bo, Insane Dame Well Known Muderers 04:15
Featuring – DJ Daryl, Marvin Clarck
13 Kollision Prayer Skit 01:43
14 Insane Dame, Life Prayer 04:49
Featuring – Cedric
15 Tyme, Insane Dame Bytaz 04:33
Featuring – Killa K


“High Performance” is the one and only studio album by the Oakland-based rap group Kollision, released on October 15, 1996 by Bomb Shelter Music. The album showcases the group’s energetic and raw gangsta rap style, reflecting the gritty urban soundscape of Oakland during the mid-90s.

The album kicks off with an “Intro” by an unknown artist, setting the stage for the group’s powerful and unapologetic sound. Tracks like “High Performance,” “Catchin Wreck,” and “Players Play” display Kollision’s lyrical prowess and ability to create catchy hooks. “Mob Life” and “Young Riders” delve into the group’s street experiences, while “Incarcerated” and “Well Known Murderers” (featuring C-Bo) offer a darker, more introspective look into their lives.

Throughout the album, Kollision members Damien Bell (Insane Dame), Leshon Edwards (Brother Broski), and Tyme Brown showcase their individual talents and unique voices, blending seamlessly to create a cohesive sound. The album also features additional vocals by Tyme Brown, Danesha, DJ Daryl, Stacey Hogg, and others, adding depth and variety to the overall project.

“High Performance” was produced by DJ Daryl and features guitar work by D-Wiz. The album was recorded at The Grill and Live Oak Studios, mixed at The Grill and T.M.L Studios, and mastered at Pyramind Sound. With a striking cover design by Phunky Phat Graph-X and photography by Keba Konte, the album stands out as a memorable representation of Oakland’s mid-90s hip hop scene.

This album is a must-listen for fans of classic gangsta rap and Oakland hip hop, offering a glimpse into the lives and experiences of Kollision as they navigated the urban landscape of their time.



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