King Pharo – Pittbull Project


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1 King Pharo Da Pittbull 00:42
2 Bigg Pointt Don’t Go 04:38
Featuring – Low, Young Dell
3 Ghetto Guilatine Funky 04:56
5 Certified Ryders Playboy, Balla Balla 04:16
6 King Pharo Lifetime Guarantee 03:01
Featuring – Golden Child
7 Young Dell Unphucwitable 04:50
8 Bigg Pointt Bonafide Hustlaz 03:39
Featuring – King Pharo, Young Dell
9 O.X.L. East, West, North 04:56
10 Bigg Point Through The Town 04:33
Featuring – Dangerous Dame, Young Dell
11 Smoove Black Poetz Power Moves 05:37
12 C.O.S.T. Family Jackin’ Like Task 04:02
13 Pac Nation Worldwide 03:06
14 King Pharo Difficulties Of This Game 05:04
Featuring – Chucky Tha Riddler, Jeremiah
15 King Pharo Ball Or Fall 03:46
16 King Pharo Message From Young C. 00:24
Featuring – Young C.


The “Pittbull Project” is a compelling compilation album by rapper King Pharo from Fresno, California. Released on January 23, 2000, by Kingz Way Records, this 16-track album showcases the exceptional talents of King Pharo and various artists, highlighting the gangsta hip-hop style prevalent in the early 2000s.

The album opens with King Pharo’s self-produced track “Da Pittbull,” setting the tone for the compilation. The project features an impressive lineup of artists, such as Bigg Pointt, Ghetto Guilatine, Certified Ryders, Young Dell, O.X.L., Smoove Black Poetz, C.O.S.T. Family, and Pac Nation. These artists contribute their unique styles, enriching the overall sound of the album.

Tracks like Bigg Pointt’s “Don’t Go,” featuring Low and Young Dell, and “Whatever U Want” showcase his strong producing skills. Certified Ryders delivers a catchy beat with their self-produced “Playboy, Balla Balla.” King Pharo’s “Lifetime Guarantee,” featuring Golden Child, and “Difficulties of This Game,” featuring Chucky Tha Riddler and Jeremiah, display his versatility as both a rapper and a producer.

Notable collaborations on the album include “Bonafide Hustlaz,” featuring King Pharo and Young Dell, and “Through The Town,” featuring Dangerous Dame and Young Dell. The album also features Smoove Black Poetz’s “Power Moves” and Pac Nation’s “Worldwide,” both tracks highlighting the skills of their respective producers.

The “Pittbull Project” concludes with King Pharo’s self-produced “Ball or Fall” and a short message from Young C. The album, mixed and mastered by Bruce Leighton, offers a memorable journey through the world of West Coast gangsta hip-hop.



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